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Guide to Retaining Wall Accessories

Jump-To: The Sleeve-It System Stratagrid NMP GeoGrid Fabric Universal Geogrid Wall Drain Pro Adhesives: Gator Bond and PL Premium Slotted Pipes When a retaining wall is erected, it usually requires some accessories to retain the soil properly.┬áThis guide provides an overview of several retaining wall accessories and explains the important role that each one plays. […]

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Block Walls vs. Cast-in-Place Concrete Walls

Jump-To: What Are Block Walls? What Are Cast-in-Place Concrete Walls? How Block Walls Are Built How Cast-in-Place Concrete Walls Are Constructed Applications of Block Walls Applications of Cast-in-Place Concrete Walls Benefits of Block Walls Over Cast-in-Place Concrete Walls Block walls are structures containing standard concrete blocks that can take on various shapes and sizes. The […]

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How to Prevent Cracks in Concrete

Jump-To: Causes of Cracks in Concrete Types of Cracks in Concrete Crack Prevention in Concrete Repairing Methods for Concrete Cracks Concrete is a cost-effective, durable pavement material that’s common in commercial and residential areas. When installed correctly, it can last for several decades without breaking or splitting. However, concrete can often crack in extreme weather […]

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How to Prevent Cracks in Masonry

Jump-To: What Are Expansion Joints in Masonry? Causes of Cracks in Masonry Masonry Crack Prevention Masonry is sensitive to cracks due to temperature changes, moisture buildup and seismic activity. While installing expansion joints will accommodate the natural movement of the structure, proper construction and regular inspection will prevent damage to masonry walls and foundations. Use […]

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How to Control Moisture in Masonry

Jump-To: What Is Moisture Management in Masonry? How to Prevent Moisture Damage in Masonry Masonry Design and Installation to Control Moisture During Construction Exterior Wall Repellents to Help Prevent Moisture Issues in the Future How to Fix Leaky Masonry Walls Structural and Aesthetic Damage Caused by Lack of Moisture Control Preventing Mold Through Moisture Control […]

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