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Best Paver Base Material

Concrete pavers are a versatile, attractive addition to any outdoor residential project. Their ease of installation makes for simple, efficient and timely home set-up with the ability to use the space immediately. To reap the full benefits of your hardscaping for years to come, it’s essential to select and use proper paver foundation materials. A paver base […]

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How to Improve Your Home’s Value with Landscaping

It can be easy to overlook your landscaping when you’re busy repairing and upgrading the interior of your home, but landscaping is a critical piece of the home-selling puzzle. Your home’s landscaping is the first feature a potential buyer will see when they pull up to your house, so you want to make a good […]

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Stamped Concrete vs Pavers

Two of the most popular driveway, walkway and patio materials for today’s residential and commercial properties are stamped concrete and masonry pavers. Stamped concrete and masonry paver flatworks are similar in price, but pavers offer more durability than concrete. For that reason alone, pavers are the top choice for homeowners, builders and landscape architects who […]

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How to Choose/Use Concrete Fasteners and Masonry Screws

Builders often call concrete “nature’s perfect building material.” There’s a lot of truth in that statement, as concrete and concrete building products make up a significant part of many of the nation’s construction projects. You’ll find concrete in everything from high-rise buildings to backyard landscape designs. Concrete is a universal and genuinely incredible substance. According […]

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How Do Permeable Pavers Work?

Permeable pavers or permeable interlocking concrete pavement (PICP) reduce pressure on already overused sewage systems and reduce pollution in the environment by providing a better way to handle rainwater and snow runoff. Instead of allowing water to merely run off the surface into local drains, often carrying pollutants with it, permeable pavers allow this water […]

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