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Guide to Retaining Wall Accessories

  When a retaining wall is erected, it usually requires some accessories to retain the soil properly. This guide provides an overview of several retaining wall accessories and explains the important role that each one plays. The Sleeve-It System This unique fence-post anchoring system integrates sturdy, reliable fence footings into the walls’ support structure while the retaining wall […]

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Block Walls vs. Cast-in-Place Concrete Walls

Block walls are structures containing standard concrete blocks that can take on various shapes and sizes. The production of cast-in-place (CIP) concrete walls involves casting concrete and a mix of aggregates into a mold at the worksite. While both types are useful for commercial and residential applications, they each have unique characteristics and advantages that […]

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How to Prevent Cracks in Concrete

Concrete is a cost-effective, durable pavement material that’s common in commercial and residential areas. When installed correctly, it can last for several decades without breaking or splitting. However, concrete can often crack in extreme weather conditions if it doesn’t have strong support. Use this guide on how to prevent cracks in concrete to help protect […]

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How to Prevent Cracks in Masonry

Masonry is sensitive to cracks due to temperature changes, moisture buildup and seismic activity. While installing expansion joints will accommodate the natural movement of the structure, proper construction and regular inspection will prevent damage to masonry walls and foundations. Use this masonry crack prevention guide to take care of your building project. What Are Expansion […]

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How to Control Moisture in Masonry

Controlling moisture in masonry is essential to preserving the integrity of your building projects. Condensation proves a pervasive threat to buildings, especially walls and concrete foundations. Above-grade and below-grade water can weaken the structure of a building by causing rotting, corrosion and many more moisture-induced issues. Although concrete doesn’t typically face these specific concerns, it […]

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