Antique Finish

Antique finished concrete block is an excellent choice for anyone who prefers a building with a weathered texture and a more rustic look. Because it features a high-quality architectural block concrete, it also meets today’s high standards for quality and performance. Nitterhouse Masonry Products is your one-stop headquarters for beautiful antique-style concrete blocks that will add value to your building projects by enhancing the structure’s durability and improving its aesthetic appeal.

Product Information

Nitterhouse’s Antique CMU has a shot blast finish that exposes the natural beauty of the aggregate that is a main ingredient within the block. It also meets the ASTM-C90 specification for load-bearing concrete masonry units, as well as the C129 standard for non-loadbearing units. Use it with confidence for your at- and below-grade construction projects. Examples of the many applications for our antique-style concrete include designing interior and exterior facades, as well as for accent striping, banding and wherever you want to achieve a weathered, textured appearance.

Choose From a Wide Assortment of Attractive Colors

Selecting the ideal building material color is one of the biggest challenges for architects, builders and property owners — but it’s also one of the most critical decisions. The right color will set the tone for the building and help to create a lasting impression on visitors and passersby. NMP offers antique finished concrete blocks in more than a dozen different colors, making it easier to find the shade that works best for your project. If you need assistance, our professional staff can provide reliable guidance.

Additional Concrete Block Benefits

Our antique finished concrete isn’t only visually appealing and durable. It also provides a host of benefits for building owners. The blocks are fast and easy to install, which saves time and contributes to lower construction project costs. Correctly installed and cleaned units also require little, if any preventive maintenance — they’ll keep their beauty and structural integrity with minimal effort. This product has been fire rated for up to four hours, ensuring excellent protection against fire damage.

As with all types of CMUs, antique-style concrete blocks feature excellent thermal properties to keep conditioned or heated air inside the facility, resulting in lower energy costs.

Multiple Concrete Block Product Sizes Are Available

Antique CMU from NMP is available in various sizes to meet the needs of virtually every project requirement. If you need a custom size, please let us know, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

*See .pdf for a list of sizes

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Chambersburg, PA-based NMP has been offering high-quality concrete at fair prices for nearly a century. We’re a fifth-generation family-owned and operated concrete masonry manufacturer with a solid reputation throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. We support our products with a host of value-added services to ensure the best possible purchasing and ownership experience. We’re available to help during every phase of your building project and beyond.

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Project Inspiration

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  • Solid Quion Corner

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  • Open Bottom Bond Beam

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