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We produce a variety of benches in different shapes and sizes to meet any project’s needs and applications.

Contact us at Nitterhouse for more information regarding color options and lead times: 717-267-4500

Product Sizes

  • The Weston Bench 70"L x 30"H x 22" W, 975lbs
  • The Marathon Bench 72"L x 18" H x 20" W, 1046lbs
  • The Radius Bench 74"L x 16"H x 18" W, 810lbs
  • The Westwood Bench 78"L x 22"H x 20"W, 940lbs
  • The Princeton Bench 60"L x 37" H x 24" W, 590lbs
  • The Chambersburg Bench 70"L x 18"h 18"W, 840lbs
  • The Superior Bench 70"L x 23"h 18"W, 590lbs
  • The A & M Bench 72"L x 18"h x 20"W, 940lbs
  • The Park Bench 60"L x 35" h
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Project Inspiration

  • The Weston Bench- NMP#1012

  • The Marathon Bench-NMP#1013

  • The Radius Bench- NMP#1030

  • The Westwood Bench- NMP#1037

  • The Princeton Bench-NMP#1046

  • The Chambersburg Bench-NMP#1014

  • The Superior Bench- NMP#1020

  • The A&M Bench- NMP#1035

  • The Park Bench

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