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Polymeric Stone Dust: Product Description

Gator Polymeric Stone Dust is a unique blend of calibrated crushed stone and polymer binders designed for stone joints anywhere from 1/2 inch to 4 inches. 

Available in both Stone Grey and Sahara Beige, Gator Dust will lock firmly between stone joints once it sets. This bond is equally effective on both sloped and horizontal surfaces in maintaining stones securely in place. 

Polymeric Stone Dust helps prevent:

  • Erosion due to climatic conditions, such as freezing, rain and wind. 
  • Damages caused by insects.
  • Weed sprouting.

Polymeric Stone Dust: Product Features

Features of Gator Dust Products include the following:

  • For pedestrian application only
  • Individual bags must be maintained in dry storage
  • Compatible with all stone types 
  • Designed for stone joints from a minimum of 1/2 inches to a maximum of 4 inches wide

Polymeric Stone Dust: Product Applications

This product is ideal for:

  • Pool decks.
  • Walkways.
  • Patios.

Polymeric Stone Dust: Product Instructions

Preparation Information

Before installing the Gator Polymeric Stone Dust product, please note the following:

  • Installation of Gator Dust products must occur above 59 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Only install Polymeric Stone Dust if rain is not expected in the next 24 hours.
  • Ensure natural and wetcast stones top and side surfaces are dry. Do not apply if the tile surface is damp or wet, as wet surfaces will cause Polymeric Stone Dust to activate prematurely.
  • Make sure the tile stone joints are also dry. If they are wet, the product may not properly slide into the joints.
  • You’ll need to avoid walking on the stones 24 hours after installing Gator Dust.
  • Staining may occur of Gator Dust is left on the stone surface for a long duration. 
  • Refrain from using the product if stones are installed over a concrete base.
  • Gator Polymeric Stone Dust is designed for use on a drainage base system — not a concrete base.
  • Keep individual bags in dry storage. 

Installation Steps: Gator Dust Products and a New Stone Surface of Natural and Wetcast Stones

To install Polymeric Stone Dust on a new paver surface:

  1. Install stones on a bed of sand that is a maximum of 1 inch deep. Ensure there are at least 6 inches of compacted crushed stone under the bedding sand.
  2. Make sure the top surface of the stones is dry. For wetcast stones, use a scoop to pour product between joints. Avoid getting Polymeric Stone Dust on the surface of the stones. For natural stones, use a stiff-bristle broom to spread dust between the joints.
  3. Help Gator Dust product settle compactly into joints by removing air pockets. To do this, strike the stones with a rubber mallet. 
  4. Repeat steps two and three at least two more times.
  5. Remove all excess product from stone surfaces using a soft brush. Polymeric Stone Dust must lie at least 1/8 inch below the surface of the stones.
  6. Blow excess residue off stone surfaces using a leaf blower. 

Gator Dust Water Activation Steps

Depending on the temperature, work in manageable sections — areas of about 100 square feet — at a time. During the water activation phase, the paved surface should never be allowed to dry out. Do not enable Polymeric Stone Dust to wash out of joints. 

Always start at the lowest section of the paved surface to begin watering. Use a watering gun connected to a hose with the setting set to shower. 

Gator Dust water activation steps include:

  1. Sprinkle water on a particular water area of about 100 square feet. Wait no longer than three minutes.
  2. Shower and rinse at the same time on a segment of about 100 square feet to eliminate the possibility of Gator Dust residue. Any residue should go into the stone’s joints. Again, wait up to three minutes.
  3. Shower and rinse at the same time to eliminate the possibility of Gator Dust residue. Any residue should go into the stones’ joints. Stop showering when you notice water retention on the stones’ joints. Wait no longer than three minutes.
  4. Repeat all three directions mentioned above for all other areas not yet showered with water.
  5. Remove excess water remaining on stone crevices and pores using a leaf blower.

Please Note

The water used in the above steps will condense Gator product in joints and activate a bonding action. However, too much water will reduce the final performance of Polymeric Stone Dust.

If the crushed stone base experiences excessive movement or the stones oscillate back and forth due to improper installation, Polymeric Stone Dust will separate from the stone. By carefully following the above instructions, you will achieve a hard jointing material. Know that Polymeric Stone Dust will continue to harden over time. Avoid immoderate flooding of stone areas. 

Keep the following additional considerations in mind:

  • A slope of 1/8 inch per linear foot is compulsory when installing stones around an underground pool. 
  • For the product to work optimally, all stone surfaces must have a drainage slope.
  • Always use mortar in the joints for pool coping blocks. For the remainder of the stone installation surrounding the pool, use Gator Dust.
  • Do not spread product over asphalt. 
  • Store intact pallets outside.

Advantages of Polymeric Stone Dust

Stone Dust for pool decks, walkways and patios offer several benefits, including the following:

  • Produces a natural stone finish on the surface
  • Firm yet maintains flexibility
  • Can be swept into joints — no trowelling

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