Gator Edge Flex and Rigid

Nitterhouse Masonry Products carries Gator Edge Flex and Rigid for driveways, sidewalks and straight applications at our Chambersburg, Pennsylvania hardware store.

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Product Description

Manufactured from 100% Polypropylene Co-Polymer, Gator Edge Flex and Rigid is revered for its supreme flexibility and notable strength. 

While the Flex model is ideal for curved applications such as entrances, paths and walkways, the Rigid model is best suited for straight applications. Both models can be locked together using the Twist & Lock connection system. Gator Screws are used to fasten Gator Edge Flex to the Gator Base. However, Gator Nails are most often used for securing purposes in traditional foundations. 

Two advantages of Gator Edge Flex and Rigid are its versatility and strong lateral support. The Rigid model can be transformed into a Flex by merely severing the connector bridge between each triangular angle.

All Gator Edge Flex and Rigid models are equipped with a triangular angle at all critical points. These provide a strong lateral support system, crucial for the load transfer on the paving stone units. 

Product Features

Notable features of Gator Edge Flex and Rigid include the following:

  • Available in rigid or flexible edges
  • Resists corrosion
  • Easy to use
  • Extra robust system and support strength
  • Incredibly versatile
  • Available in lengths of 8 feet
  • Designed for use with galvanized Gator Nails
  • Both Gator Edge Flex and Gator Edge Rigid use a “Twist-lock” connection system
  • Gator Edge Flex can connect to Gator Edge Rigid

Product Applications 

Gator Edge Flex is an excellent choice to help define curved areas such as sidewalks, driveways and alleys, while Gator Edge Rigid is designed for straight applications. 

Both Gator Edge products are quick to install and easy to use. 

Product Instructions 

To install Gator Edge Flex and Rigid properly:

  1. Ensure either Gator Edge Flex or Gator Edge Rigid is installed before the paver installation.
  2. For excellent support strength, use one 10-inch nail every third hole or foot. Make sure you install all Gator product edges on a compacted structural aggregate base. 
  3.  Secure the edging lengths together using the “Twist & Lock” feature.
  4. To ensure continuous lateral support, nail product at every “Twist & Lock” junction.
  5. Note that both Gator edge Flex and Rigid unites can be joined. 

Create a Custom Paver Walkway or Driveway With Gator Flex and Rigid Products

Edge flex for sidewalks and driveways can be used with pavers to create an inviting first impression. Pavers are one of the most commonly used products in landscaping today. 

Pavers come in a wide variety of textures, colors and shapes and are typically several inches thick. Made of compressed, molded concrete, pavers are three to four times stronger than standard poured concrete surfaces. They are especially beneficial in winter months when the ground regularly freezes and thaws. 

Benefits of Paver Alleys, Sidewalks, Driveways and Walkways 

Advantages to installing a custom paver walkway or other area include:

  • Resistance to cracking: A segmental surface will flex with moving ground when freezing and thawing occur, thus resisting cracking. 
  • Design flexibility: The many colors, patterns and shapes of concrete pavers allow for creativity and delineation of pavement areas like intersections, crosswalks and parking lanes. 
  • Easy of maintenance and repairs: Pavers retain their integrity and beauty even when repairs to underground utilities are conducted. Pavers are low-maintenance, and they offer low life-cycle costs.
  • Safety: Pavers have a non-skid surface on both pedestrian and vehicular applications. Even when wet, pavers are safe for  walking pedestrians as well as driving vehicles. 
  • Durability: Interlocking concrete pavers are almost indestructible due to their flexible system that allows for movement. The pavement system moves in tandem with the earth’s tendency to contract and swell over time. 
  • Excellent drainage: Due to the porous joints between pavers, water can easily seep into the ground through the junctions. The water goes into the ground — not the sewer system. 

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