Concrete Log Parking Blocks

Concrete Log Parking Blocks

Our concrete log parking blocks are highly unique parking stop blocks that are ideal for both commercial and residential applications.

Each log parking block is hand-cast to the highest quality standards using durable, reinforced 3,500 psi concrete — strong enough to withstand repeated impact from moving vehicles.

The color and texture of each log are carefully replicated to give the appearance of authentic natural wooden logs.

The only difference between the two is that our concrete stop will never rot and last forever!

In addition to parking blocks, use them as tent pad borders, walking path borders, driveway edging and more!

If you need a parking block somewhere but want to maintain a natural aesthetic, concrete log parking blocks are just what you need. Concrete log parking blocks are wooden-looking to blend in better with their natural surroundings, so concrete log parking block applications include everything from cabins, campgrounds and parks to hiking and trail parking areas or any other outdoor parking venue.

Top 3 Benefits of Concrete Log Parking Blocks

Benefits of Concrete Log Parking Blocks

A concrete log parking block comes with all the advantages of a regular parking block with the bonus benefit of visual appeal. Check out the top three perks of installing concrete log parking bumpers below:

1. Durability

When it comes to concrete parking blocks, durability is the most important quality. A concrete parking block needs to withstand harsh wear and tear from both vehicles and the natural elements. A concrete log parking block can do all this while blending in with its natural environment.

We create our concrete log parking blocks to stand up to repeated and intense impact from moving vehicles. Because the concrete log parking bumpers from Nitterhouse Masonry are steel-reinforced, they can withstand severe weather damage as well.

In addition to being extremely durable and resilient to damage, Nitterhouse Masonry concrete log parking stops are UV light-resistant. This means that you can be confident your concrete log parking blocks won’t warp or twist over time from too much sunlight exposure.

2. Stability

Concrete log parking blocks from Nitterhouse Masonry are pinned securely into place for the long-term, so you can count on them staying put wherever you place them. This long-lasting stability helps with organization and planning whether you place them in a parking lot, along a pathway edge or anywhere else. And because Nitterhouse Masonry parking stops are so durable, you can count on a concrete log parking block being in its spot for years to come.

3. Visual Appeal

Because concrete log parking blocks look like wood, they fit in much better with outdoor settings than traditional concrete parking blocks. While regular or bright yellow parking blocks can be an eye-sore for park visitors or employees, a wooden-looking parking block is more natural-looking and visually attractive. By complementing its natural surroundings, a concrete log parking block can even enhance the look of a parking lot.


Color Options

Product Sizes

  • 6"w x 6ft long

Concrete Log Parking Block Specs

If concrete log parking blocks sound like the right addition for your parking lot, check out these product details:

  • Width: 6-inch diameter
  • Available lengths: 6 feet
  • Weight: 193 pounds

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Color Options

Product Sizes

  • 6"w x 6ft long

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