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Monarch Blox

This is Nitterhouse’s alternative to the look of clay brick.


Product Sizes

  • 3 5/8"x 3 5/8"x 15 5/8"
  • 7 5/8"x 3 5/8"x 15 5/8"
  • 11 5/8"x 3 5/8"x 15 5/8"

Product Literature

Monarch Traditional CMU
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Monarch Blox Basics

For some building projects, you want the look of brick but the overall properties of concrete. Nitterhouse has the perfect answer with our Monarch Traditional Blox alternative to clay brick. This brick-looking CMU is stronger and more realistic-looking than many other alternatives to bricks. They meet ASTM-C 90 standards for load-bearing concrete masonry and are usable for at-grade and below-grade applications. They are half-high through the wall units, meaning they have the same height as a brick but the length and depth of a traditional concrete block.

They come in four authentic brick colors — desert blend, chestnut blend, mahogany blend and rustic blend — to make it easier to match your exterior design plans for your project.

Monarch Blox Uses

If you are interested in having the look of authentic brick for your building but don’t have the time to lay real brick, or you just prefer concrete building materials but still like the rustic, natural look of clay brick, Monarch Blox is likely to be just what you are looking for. They are suitable for a wide variety of commercial applications and can add credibility and authenticity to the look of shopping centers, business offices, college dormitories and similar building projects.

Builders who are considering a concrete alternative to clay brick want to go to the experts when it comes to concrete — and nobody has more concrete expertise than Nitterhouse Masonry Products. Since the 1920s, Nitterhouse has been making quality concrete products and has passed that commitment to quality down through five generations of this family-owned business.

When you’re ready to get serious about your brick alternative CMU, Nitterhouse is ready to help. To talk to us about our Monarch Blox options or anything related to concrete masonry units, or to place an order, start by filling in your basic information and info about your project using the form below. Submit it to us electronically and one of our masonry specialists will look over your case and get in touch to help you determine the best way to proceed. Let us hear from you today!

Product Information

Monarch Blox are half-high through the wall units, so they are the height of a regular brick but length and depth of a regular block.

Our Monarch Blox blended blocks are integrally colored and the perfect choice for fast-track jobs that want the look of brick.

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