Planter Pots and Urns

Nitterhouse Planter Pots and Urns

We offer an extensive selection of pots and urns to help accent and bring beauty to your patio or garden for years to come. Our inventory is always changing, so stop by or call in to see our latest collection. We also carry a wide variety of statuary, benches and birdbaths.

Enhancing Outdoor Appeal

What makes an outdoor area relaxing and pleasing to the eye? Nothing else but Nitterhouse planter pots and urns. Tying together the landscape of your patio, deck, pool and garden comes from the decorative placement of plants, benches and more.

Plants help to keep the air clean, and your guests love to admire them around your yard or property. The style of the outdoor planter pots and urns you choose contributes to the overall feeling and navigation of your home. Luckily for you, Nitterhouse Masonry supplies a number of handmade products to enhance your garden and outside gathering place.

Selecting Pots and Urns

Nitterhouse pots and urns can complement any outdoor space. In fact, we offer a variety of product sizes and shapes to match the features of your garden and the surrounding area. From round, dish, square, rectangular and wave planter designs, you can match the architecture of your home perfectly.

Most of the time, pots do more than just hold plants. They establish barriers and walkways for a greater sense of flow in your living space. Matching pots and urns is the optimum way to showcase your landscape and garden.

Nitterhouse makes purchasing outdoor accessories easy for all of our customers. Garden planter pots, urns and outdoor benches come in matching textures and styles to match your vision. Just take note of product numbers, and creating your own backyard set becomes a seamless process.

Vast and Changing Inventory

We want to encourage our customers to frequently check back in with our online store. Since we specialize in handmade products, our inventory is constantly changing to keep up with the latest trends and styles. Nitterhouse delights in catering to our customers’ wishes, so the designs on our products give you the opportunity to select exactly what you want to see in your garden.

Some of our products feature images of leaves, angels and more, so there’s bound to be a look for every homeowner.

Contacting Nitterhouse Masonry for Outdoor Style

Family-owned and operated for five generations, Nitterhouse Masonry Products serves healthcare facilities, office buildings, schools, residential locations and more. We take the time to provide our customers with the products they need for their perfect landscape.

If you are interested in our concrete pots and outdoor urns, be sure to check out our Design Files for additional information. Contact Nitterhouse Masonry today for outdoor landscaping products that are built to last.

Product Sizes

  • Various Sizes Available

Product Sizes

  • Various Sizes Available

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