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Waste Containers

When you need a sturdy and long lasting solution for a trash receptacle outside of your business or public space, choose a high-quality Nitterhouse product.

Product Sizes

  • Product #2039 22"sq x 33" high, 345lbs
  • Product #2053 26" dia x 33"high, 700lbs
  • Product #2030 30"sq x 34" high, 620lbs
  • Product #2035 31" dia x 33" high, 810lbs
  • Product #2060 24"dia x 34" high, 410lbs
  • Product #2025 21.25"sq x 33"high, 315lbs
  • Product #2040 22"sq x 42"high, 345lbs
  • Product #2061 24"dia x 44" high, 410lbs
  • Product #2024 21.25"sq x 42" high, 315lbs
  • Product #2101 26"dia x 38"high, 575lbs
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Product Information

Unlike typical plastic and wooden waste container options, our concrete receptacles will outlast any other product on the market through all weather conditions for years and years to come.  Nitterhouse’s waste cans won’t blow over or be easily moved due to their heavy concrete composition.

Businesses and public areas want to keep the amount of litter on their properties to a minimum by using our trash containers throughout your premise we can help you keep things clean.   Nitterhouse offers both Square and Round trash receptacles. Both styles of trash cans come with a plastic lid that can easily be put on and offer for trash removal.

Project Inspiration

  • Product #2039

  • Product #2053

  • Product #2030

  • Product #2035

  • Product #2060

  • Product #2025

  • Product #2102- Dome Top

  • Product #2103-Dome Push Door Top Shown

  • Product #2040

  • Product #2041- Square Push Door Top Shown

  • Product #2061- Dome Push Door Top Shown

  • Product #2024- Four Way Top Shown

  • Product #2024- Push Door Top Shown

  • Product #2101- Steel Top Shown

  • Push Top-Blue

  • Push Top- Gray

  • Push Top- Charcoal

  • Push Top- Brown

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