Site Amenities

Square Planters

Nitterhouse proudly produces a large variety of site amenities products for any type of commercial project. Our square planters add the perfect amount of sophistication to any entrance or add extra charm to a seating area or create a barrier between areas.


Please call your rep for more information regarding our square planter options at 717.267.4500

Product Sizes

  • Product #3032- 36"square by 24" high, 1200lbs
  • Product #3034- 35" square by 25" high, 677lbs
  • Product #3030- 24"square by 21" high, 600lbs
  • Product #3033- 30"square by 21" high, 915lbs
  • Product #3052- 38" square by 24" high, 640lbs
  • Product #3080- 36" square by 30"high, 1050lbs
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Project Inspiration

  • Product #3032

  • Product #3034

  • Product #3080

  • Product #3052

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