Urban Stone (planks)

With its many variations in color and size, Urban Stone is a plank
style paver that is unmatched in its design versatility. Urban Stone
just like our other architectural paving stones is made with superior
quality concrete strength that is durable and long lasting.

More sizes and colors available please contact your Nitterhouse
representative. Urban Stone square edges standard.

4”x 12”x 3 1/8” 13lbs
4”x 18”x 3 1/8” 19.5lbs
4”x 24”x 3 1/8” 26lbs
4”x 12”x 2” 8lbs
4”x 18”x 2” 12lbs
4”x 24”x 2” 16lbs
6″x 12″x 3 1/8″ 17lbs

Urban Stone Plank Paving Stone for Commercial Building Projects

When you need to choose an exterior paving stone for commercial purposes, you need to put a lot of thought into the stone you select. You want a unique paving stone that will convey the distinctiveness and character of your property while also finding something that fits that property’s exterior décor. It also has to be a solid, versatile paver that you are sure is going to last.

Have you considered a plank-style paver? These pavers have a unique look that definitely stands out from traditional pavers, but they are still quite sophisticated and appropriate for a wide range of commercial applications. We suggest you consider the Nitterhouse Urban Stone plank-style paver. It has the versatility you need with a tremendous range of sizes and colors to choose from (square edges are standard) and even more customization options available upon request. It also has the superior strength and durability of all Nitterhouse concrete products.

You’ll find these pavers look great in apartment complex courtyards, walkways to museums, as a complement to gardens, fountains and other hardscape features and anywhere else you want style and sophistication added to the exterior of your commercial building or overall property.

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Those in the concrete business know that Nitterhouse is synonymous with concrete product quality. A family-owned business that is now in its fifth generation, Nitterhouse knows concrete and we know that you will love these unique paving stones for your commercial building project. Great products and great customer service are what have kept us successful for nearly 100 years and we’d love to provide the same for you today.

If you think you might be interested in our Urban Stone plank paving stone, we would love to discuss it with you further. Just provide some basic information about you and what your project needs are on the form below and submit it, and we’ll have one of our paving experts contact you as soon as possible to talk about your commercial paving needs.

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