Whether you’re shopping for your home, business or a client, it’s essential to see potential finishes and colors in-person. At Nitterhouse Masonry Products, our more than nine decades of experience have helped us understand your needs. That’s why we offer a hands-on product showroom in Chambersburg, PA, providing you the opportunity to see our product colors and finishes in-person, as well as chat with an experienced team member.

See Brick and Veneer Stone Examples

Our showroom displays a variety of handcrafted veneer stone finishes and brick finishes, in addition to a multitude of colors, to show you how they look and feel in-person. For many of our customers, it’s been helpful to see our brick and veneer stone examples at our Chambersburg, PA store, as well as chat with a staff member at the same time.

Our friendly staff will be happy to walk you through your options, including:

  • Brick: When you arrive at our display center, you’ll find over 30 color options from our Nicrete line. Some of the product colors we highlight are Snow White, Pink Mist, Rustic Blend, Rustic Buff Range, Carmel Chip, and more. We also show individual brick samples. Our bricks are integrally colored and offer a classic finish to homes and businesses.
  • Veneer: For our veneer stone examples, we display more than 45 finishes and colors, including Scenic Ledgestone, Cutstone, Chiseled Limestone and more. With multiple finishes and colors, veneer stone offers a natural, beautiful look that’s useful for the interiors and exteriors of residences and commercial properties as an accent or complete covering.

We also provide a seating area at our showroom, allowing you to comfortably explore our portfolio.

Discuss Project Features With Staff

Our team will be more than happy to help you when you arrive, as well as to provide you with the time to explore our veneer stone and brick examples on your own. Whether you’re in the early or late stages of planning a renovation or construction project, we’re ready to answer your questions, explain the features of our products and discuss potential finishes and colors. If you like, we can also provide a quote.

Many of our staff members offer years of experience too, which can help if you’re debating between colors and finishes, or even the differences between brick and veneer stone. If you have photographs of your location and existing structure — or mockups for the intended home or building — they’ll give our team a better perspective on your project, which is useful when considering colors and finishes.

Discover Nitterhouse Masonry Products in Chambersburg, PA

At Nitterhouse Masonry Products, we bring more than 95 years of experience to the industry. Our product showroom emphasizes our expertise by displaying examples of our high-quality brick and veneer stone in various product colors, as well as connecting you with a knowledgeable staff member to answer your questions and help you find a finish and color that will complement the design of your home or company headquarters.

Explore our masonry products and colors in-person by visiting our store in Chambersburg, PA today, or contact us for more information!