Bringing Butterflies to your Garden- A tip from Garden Smiths


Not much is more beautiful than butterflies gracefully fluttering about in your backyard.  Garden Smiths, Inc. is well versed in creating gardens full of butterfly-attracting plants to make your landscape a haven for these wonderful creatures.  Other than planting more butterfly-friendly perennials and shrubs, you can capture the attention of butterflies by adding a few easy to obtain and low-cost items to your yard.  Although not appetizing to people, rotting fruit is very appealing to butterflies.  Make a rotten fruit slurry with water and place in very shallow dishes (butterflies are prone to drowning) or hummingbird feeders.


Change out this rotting fruit mixture after 2-3 days and start again. Freshly sliced oranges also work. Score the flesh of the orange so that the juice is easy for the butterflies to drink from and place in your garden.  Finally, try putting a saucer out with sand dampened with water. To make this option more appealing to butterflies add a few salt pellets (pure salt pellets that don’t contain any other chemicals). The butterflies will draw moisture and minerals from the salty sand without danger of drowning. If you are interested in starting a butterfly garden or maximizing your curb appeal Garden Smiths, Inc is happy to help!  Garden Smiths, Inc. is a family-owned and operated landscaping company that specializes in the custom installation of greenscaping, hardscaping, and lighting. Our focus is on providing superior customer service and expert craftsmanship from first contact to beyond the completion of the project.

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