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At Nitterhouse Masonry Products, we take advantage of a network of dealers to bring our high-quality solutions to areas outside of Pennsylvania and closer to you. Located in Manassas, VA, Marex, Inc. is one of our trusted Virginia dealers When you’re in need of a Virginia masonry supply, turn to Marex for a lineup of Nitterhouse Masonry Products.

Marex sells the following Nitterhouse Masonry products:

  • Parking Blocks
  • VIP Pavers

Featured Products at Marex for Manassas Virginia

Concrete Parking Curbs

Concrete parking curbs can increase the efficiency, organization and safety of any parking lot. At Nitterhouse Masonry Products, we offer concrete parking curbs that are easy to install and that are firm and durable once in place. They can withstand impact with vehicles’ tires time after time and continue performing. Our concrete parking curbs are also manufactured to withstand inclement weather of all kinds.

Choose parking blocks for sale that are finished in safety yellow. These brightly colored concrete parking curbs are perfect for creating a highly visible parking lot structure that aids in safety and organization. Find these high-quality concrete parking blocks in stock at Marex Inc.

Learn more about Nitterhouse concrete parking stop blocks.

VIP Concrete Pavers

When you’re building, you must adhere to a wide range of compliance rules and regulations. The Americans with Disabilities Act includes rules for accommodating visually impaired persons, which is why we offer VIP concrete pavers.

These VIP concrete pavers include raised, truncated domes across the tops of their surfaces. When a visually impaired person steps on top of the VIP paver, it alerts him or her that an intersection, curb or drop-off is coming.

Our VIP pavers for sale are available in a number of different colors, weights and sizes. Choose the pavers that best meet your needs, available in Manassas at Marex, Inc. — your Virginia masonry supply provider.


Why Choose Nitterhouse?

It’s been nearly 100 years since William L. Nitterhouse manufactured his first piece of concrete. Five generations later, the Nitterhouse family is still serving the Mid-Atlantic region with concrete products of the highest quality. We’re proud of our long history of working with individuals, contractors, architects and others throughout the region, and we’re committed to helping them create outstanding products through the use of the best concrete products available.

What sets Nitterhouse Masonry Products apart from the competition? We put exceptional care and attention to detail into each product, which ensures that you’re only getting the best of the best when you choose our concrete curbs, concrete pavers and other products for your work.

Our dealer network is in place to help us reach more customers in different areas. When you need masonry products near Manassas Virginia, stop by Marex, Inc. There you will find Nitterhouse Masonry Products that you can count on for your projects.

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