Paver Restraints & Joint Sands

Paver Restraints & Joint Sands

Nitterhouse offers a variety of paver restraints and joint sands to help maintain your walkways, patios, and more.

  • Gator Maxx Sand G2
  • Gator Super Sand G2
  • Gator Dust
  • SRW Z3 Polymeric Sand 
  • Easy Joint
  • Snap Edge 
  • Gator Flex 



Paver Path Guide Restraints and Sealers

Choosing the perfect paving stone material and creating the design is just the beginning. If you install your new pavers without a support system, you risk the stones moving around and potentially causing damage and other problems.

A simple solution to those issues is installing paving stone restraints. Whether your design is completely straight-edge, completely round or a combination of the two types of lines, paver edge restraints will hold the stones in place so you can enjoy the new concrete feature for many years to come.

Keep Paving Systems Looking Their Best With Paver Edge Restraints

Without installing paving stone restraints, your pavers will “walk” — or move out of place, become warped and spread out. As you walk on the stones or drive a vehicle over them, they may begin to shift. The shifting stones could damage your car or pose as a tripping hazard. When the stones begin moving out of their original position, they could even damage each other.

When your pavers start to move from their original placement, it affects your property in other ways besides serving as a potential hazard. The features made from the pavers add to the property’s curb appeal, which is even important for both homeowners and businesses. Bad curb appeal can deter potential buyers and won’t do you any favors with attracting new customers or clients.

With a little extra work, you can avoid all of these negative effects! The locking system of the paver edge restraints doesn’t include any extra pieces and can be installed before or after you lay your paving stones. The flexibility of the system and ease of installation make choosing to install paving stone restraints along with your pavers a simple decision!

Easy Installation for Lasting Effects

The paving stone restraints come in an easy-to-handle package you can install right away. With a basic 8″ to 12″ landscape and no extra connectors to worry about, you’ll have solid and secure support.

Our snap-edge paving stone restraints are made from tough injection-molded plastic to achieve the high level of strength needed to keep the stones in place. The system also has an open base design, letting the grass grow through. This makes the paver edge restraints practically invisible.

After you install the paver edge restraints, they will quietly do the work to keep your pavers looking their best. Whether you used them to make a driveway, a walkway, a patio or the area around a pool, you can count on the paving stone restraints to keep it looking great year-round.

Nitterhouse Masonry Products

With an excellent variety of amazing paving stone options and exceptional customer service, we’ve earned the trust of homeowners and businesses.

While you’re looking for the right paving stone option at Nitterhouse, don’t forget the paver edge restraints and joint sands! When you leave out this important system, you risk your new feature losing its polished look and showing its age over time. To learn more about our paving stone restraint system or to browse through paver options, please contact us today!

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