Concrete Truck Parking Stop Blocks

Concrete Truck Parking Stop Blocks

Our semi-truck and tractor-trailer parking blocks are the answer for all of your truck parking needs. Whether you just need one or enough for a whole distribution center we can supply you with high quality and long last semi-truck parking blocks. 

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  • Truck Stop: 1’w x 1’h x 8’l, 933lbs 

High-Quality Parking Blocks

It is important from a safety and durability standpoint to choose truck parking stop blocks made from high-quality materials. Every parking block we produce features machine-cast, steel-reinforced 5,500 psi concrete. Rugged enough to withstand repeated impacts from large trucks without budging or cracking. It can also handle harsh weather conditions throughout the year. Nitterhouse truck parking blocks are capable of resisting UV light from the sun — you never have to worry about warping or twisting.

The Ideal Size for Stopping Trucks

We’ve engineered, designed and constructed these heavy-duty parking stop blocks specifically to handle the extra weight and bulk of a big truck. While a standard stop block for cars weighs 185 lbs., our truck parking blocks weigh in at a solid 933 lbs. And at a width and height of 12”, a top width of 4” and a length of 8’, you also get the larger dimensions needed to accommodate large vehicles. All blocks come with pins that will hold them securely in place, even after significant impact.


Product Information

Concrete Truck Parking Block Benefits

Wondering whether your parking lot needs concrete truck parking blocks instead of regular parking bumpers? Check out these top three reasons to use concrete truck parking stops in your lot:


Concrete is the most durable material for truck parking stop blocks to be made out of. Durable precast concrete truck wheel stops can withstand immense pressure from trucks’ large wheels. The key to a parking bumper’s durability is strong, high-quality concrete. Nitterhouse Masonry truck parking blocks are machine-cast, steel-reinforced, and produced using 5,500 psi concrete to be as long-lasting as possible.

While concrete truck parking blocks must be able to endure impact from trucks, they must also be strong enough to withstand wear and tear due to harsh weather conditions. The longevity of a concrete parking block for trucks depends on it not cracking or crumbling in the face of extreme weather. Nitterhouse Masonry truck parking blocks are also UV light resistant, which means they won’t warp or twist over time.


Without concrete stoppers constructed specifically for trucks, a parking lot can be hazardous for both people and property. Regular parking bumpers are not suitable for trucks because a truck’s wheels are so much larger than the average vehicle’s wheels. Some types of parking stoppers can’t stand up to the force of a truck, which puts the surrounding buildings, people and other parking lot fixtures at risk.

Installing concrete truck parking stop blocks can solve this issue by providing a reliable stop for bigger vehicles. With truck parking stops, you can help truck drivers stop more accurately and avoid any unnecessary expenses in damages.


Parking a large vehicle like a truck can make it easy to misjudge the parking distance and drive a bit beyond the designated parking space, especially when the spot is tight. Tight parking spaces tend to limit a truck driver’s visibility, which can lead to a parking accident. Concrete truck parking blocks serve as a safeguard against trucks going beyond the parking space, allowing truck drivers to park in head-on parking spots without needing to worry about rolling onto sidewalks or into any other parked vehicles.

Concrete Truck Parking Bumper Specs

Now that you know the advantages of having concrete truck parking blocks in your lot, here are the product details to consider:

  • Width: 12 inches
  • Height: 12 inches
  • Top width: 4 inches
  • Available length: 8 feet
  • Weight: 933 pounds

Parking Block Pins are Available for Purchase!

Nitterhouse Masonry Products also carries parking block pins! Parking Block Pins are included with the purchase of all parking blocks. 2 pins per parking block. These are available for additional purchase.

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Our truck parking stop blocks are backed by more than 90 years of experience and expertise that has made Nitterhouse Masonry Products one of the leading manufacturers of concrete products in the entire Mid-Atlantic region.

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