Wind Uplift System

Product Image Test - Wind Uplift System
Product Image Test - Wind Uplift System
Product Image Test - Wind Uplift System

Wind uplift system being installed

Product Image Test - Wind Uplift System

Wind uplift system

Product Image Test - Wind Uplift System

Patio using a wind uplift system

Wind Uplift System

Nitterhouse’s Wind Uplift pavers and hidden fastening system have been tested to meet building code requirements for high wind restrictions and tie-down requirements. With our hidden fastening system, a beautifully designed rooftop can look flawless with no unattractive anchoring systems interrupting the design, thanks to our hidden fastening system within the corners of the pavers themselves. All of our architectural paver styles and colors can be used with our Wind Uplift system. 


Wind Uplift System

Designed for use with our hidden fastening kit and pedestals

Commercial and residential rooftop spaces and green roofs have become increasingly popular for businesses and property management companies in recent years. These spaces allow organizations to enhance their buildings with sleek, modern outdoor areas without expanding their property.

However, many states have strict codes requiring that all rooftop pavers adhere to buildings using a tie-down system to prevent them from being loosened and thrown by high winds or hurricanes. Though these regulations were put into place for good reason, they can make it challenging to find rooftop paver pedestal systems that are up to code.

Now, you can obtain a high-performance wind uplift system that sets the standard for quality and reliability at Nitterhouse Masonry Products. Our wind-resistant pavers are highly durable. You can count on them to remain secure amid even the harshest winds while exuding a clean, stylish look that will make your property stand out.

Our Wind Uplift Connection Pavers

Wind uplift pavers are arranged on rooftops, balconies or other elevated exterior surfaces. Our wind uplift resistance pavers are optimized to withstand high wind movement and other severe outdoor conditions while remaining securely in place.

Wind Uplift Connection pavers from Nitterhouse Masonry Products are designed to provide optimal anchorage and durability for any rooftop space using our top-of-the-line tie-down system. Our pavers are available in over 30 eye-catching colors and seven sizes, so you can purchase pavers individualized to your needs. Unlike other wind uplift systems, our specialized design incorporates hidden connections that are concealed from onlookers, meaning they won’t interfere with the architect’s design.

The Nitterhouse Wind Uplift Connection system comprises three primary parts, including:

  • Pavers: This solution comes equipped with hydraulic-pressed pavers for your roof. Our wind uplift system works with all Nitterhouse architectural pavers and Camina paving stones.
  • Fastening kit: Our paver fastening kit allows users to screw pavers down tightly and securely using our discreet tie-down system.
  • Pedestal: Our wind-resistant pedestals are made up of three parts — a polypropylene and rubber deck paver head with adjustable threading, a height extension collar and a wide supporting base, all built from recyclable materials.

How It Works

Nitterhouse’s Wind Uplift Connection pavers have an innovative slot in each corner allowing for a special washer and finishing screw to be inserted. After all pavers are placed, the Nitterhouse tie-down system is undetectably screwed into the corresponding reinforced top of the Nitterhouse pedestal to securely lock down the pavers ensuring a safe, secure and level surface.

Designed for use with our hidden fastening kit and pedestals, Nitterhouse pavers with Wind Uplift Connection have all of the following capabilities:

  • Wind uplift resistance: 350 psf (fully adhered systems).
  • Compression strength: Avg 8500 psi.
  • Water absorption: Less than 5% (ASTM C140).

*Please contact for more details and reports.

The Benefits of Wind Uplift Pavers

As more and more businesses and residencies invest in rooftop patios, wind lift resistance pavers are becoming a go-to method for installation. Wind-resistant pavers and pedestals come with numerous advantages that will optimize your elevated area, including:

  • Secure attachment: Wind uplift systems offer a level of strength and stability you can’t get from standard pavers. These components are designed to stay fastened securely in place, combating the effects of high winds, inclement weather conditions and even hurricanes.
  • Reduced safety risks: When your rooftop pavers remain firmly attached to your roof, you minimize the risks of safety hazards and liabilities resulting from thrown tiles that could harm property and people.
  • Cost savings: Pedestals for wind uplift prevent pavers from being picked up by the wind, reducing the need for costly repairs and maintenance.
  • Easy installation: Rooftop paver systems are quick and easy to install, saving your company time and money.
  • Water damage prevention: Due to their water-resistant properties, wind uplift pavers prevent your roof from enduring water damage during even the harshest storms.
  • Aesthetic appeal: One of the primary benefits of installing rooftop pedestals and pavers onto your building is visual appeal. With a stunning, modern rooftop space, you can attract visitors, add higher resale value to your building and even increase your business’s credibility and professionalism.
  • Peace of mind: When your rooftop space is durable and secure, you can relax knowing that you’re protected during even the most inclement weather conditions.

Applications of Rooftop Paver Pedestal Systems

You can create beautiful, functional rooftop spaces practically anywhere using Nitterhouse Wind Uplift Connection pavers and pedestals. These high-quality products can transform any building, delivering a charming, sophisticated look that will elevate and protect your establishment.

Some of the many types of organizations that use wind uplifts systems for their rooftops include:

  • Apartments.
  • Bars.
  • Hotels.
  • Offices.
  • Restaurants.
  • Nursing homes.
  • Senior living centers.
  • Universities.

Why Choose Nitterhouse Masonry Products for Wind Lift Resistance Pavers?

At Nitterhouse Masonry Products, we’ve been in the architectural manufacturing business since our establishment in 1923. We’re still dedicated to delivering high-quality products and exceptional customer service today. Our family-owned company is proud to serve customers across the mid-Atlantic region.

When you choose us for wind uplift systems for your roof, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of working with us:

  • Experience: We’ve spent over nine decades producing and selling conventional and specialty bricks. Whether you know exactly what you want or you have a few questions, we can help.
  • Expertise: Our team has worked with commercial, residential and industrial customers, meaning we have the knowledge and expertise needed to connect you to building materials that are best suited for your project.
  • Product selection: Nitterhouse Masonry Products has an extensive selection of high-quality building materials comprising everything from pavers to hardscape products to retaining walls and everything in between. Whatever the need, you can be sure we have the solution.
  • Quality commitment: We put quality at the forefront of everything we do, creating durable and dependable concrete masonry products that will last for years. Our team takes pride in every block, stone and paver we manufacture.
  • Responsive service: When you book services with us, we’ll tackle projects of any size and see them through from start to finish. We’ll provide the individualized assistance you need to generate the best results for your clients.

Invest in Wind Uplift Rooftop Pavers at Nitterhouse Masonry Products Today

You can create a secure, stunning rooftop space for your business with Wind Uplift Connection pavers from Nitterhouse Masonry Products. Our vast range of products makes us a one-stop shop for construction companies, contractors and residences throughout Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, and beyond.

If you have any questions about our products, contact us today. A Nitterhouse associate will be in touch with you shortly!

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