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The Nitterhouse Companies is Celebrating 100 Years in Business!

William L. Nitterhouse manufactured his first piece of concrete in 1923. It was the beginning of a company that’s still serving the Mid-Atlantic region five generations later. Nitterhouse Masonry remains a family owned, family operated company that offers a selection of high-quality products that represent the latest in technology and the best in engineering excellence.

What inspired William L. Nitterhouse to go into business for himself? After working as a mason all day laying block, he decided he could not only lay the block but could make them himself, and so he began making his own block at night. His commitment to quality and service excellence helped his business grow and thrive. He was later succeeded by T.K. Nitterhouse, William K. Nitterhouse and now Karen Nitterhouse Diller who through each generation have expanded upon the products produced and offered.

Nitterhouse Family.
Nitterhouse Masonry Building

Contact us if you have any questions about our products or services. Our team includes experienced and knowledgeable professionals who can provide expert guidance and answer questions as you consider your needs or search for the right products for your project. We can provide support and assistance at any stage of construction, and we specialize in partnering with project teams to help achieve the best results while keeping construction on schedule and under budget.

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