Nicrete Thin Series

Nicrete Thin Series

Nicrete Thin Series was developed for ease of renovations and transforming an existing wall. Our Nicrete Thin Series can be applied with an adhesive in a track style. It looks great around fireplaces and other interior applications. 

Nicrete Thin Series is made with the same high quality standards, colors, and textures that is found in our regular Nicrete lines. 

Note: All material is produced to order. No Stock. 


Concrete Thin Brick

Thin brick adds a classic, genuine brick look to your home without the thru-wall thickness of regular concrete, and it can be applied to practically any existing exterior or interior. It is an ideal alternative to brick that allows you to achieve an identical look without the limitations of full-brick, which are often heavy, messy and more expensive.

Our Nicrete Thin series was designed to make it easy to transform or renovate walls with thin brick options in high-quality colors and varying sizes. They can be easily applied with adhesive in a track style or also mortared in a traditional way. Whether you’re considering brick for interior walls or exterior construction, such as brick veneer siding, concrete thin brick is an ideal option.

Thin Brick for Interior Remodeling

When it comes to interior remodeling, concrete thin brick provides many options to enhance your home. It is highly versatile with a range of colors and textures that look just like real brick. Thin brick for fireplaces is a popular choice that offers a pristine, upscale look. It can also be used as a kitchen backsplash, decorative wall and much more. For any interior backdrop that could use a unique touch with a classic feel, thin brick is a great option.

Thin brick for interior walls can drastically change the look of a room with minimal effort or expense. It is easy to install, easy to maintain, and thin brick veneers offer greater durability than other brick-like wall options. Overall, thin brick is ideal for upgrading an existing space with simplicity and beauty.

Thin Brick for Exterior Construction

For exterior construction, brick veneer siding is an attractive and efficient option. Because it is lightweight, it is easier to handle than other siding materials such as wood or metal, making installation less burdensome. Thin brick is also more durable than other siding materials. In fact, they are designed to be just as durable as full brick, but weigh as much as 75% less.

When compared to other siding materials, thin brick also has durability factors that other materials do not. For example, metal tends to fade over time, and wood can be easily damaged by insects, rot, warping and more. But thin brick is less affected by fading, insects, rotting or other damage. Even compared to vinyl, thin brick is also less likely to puncture. With easier installation and enhanced durability, thin brick veneer siding is ideal for a long-term, attractive exterior solution.

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At Nitterhouse Masonry Products, we have Nicrete Thin brick available in three different heights — 2-1/4″, 2-5/8″ and 3-5/8″ — as well as two different lengths: 8″ and 15″. They are available in the Classic finish, which is a split-face finish, or the Traditional finish, which is a matte face. The depth on the Classic finish is 1″ and the Traditional is 3/4″.

With endless possibilities for color, size, style, and application, thin brick veneer gives you a large selection of options so you can find the perfect fit for your particular aesthetic. At Nitterhouse Masonry, we can help you find the perfect brick solution for your project. With our large selection of products and our expert knowledge, you can trust that when you work with us, you will receive high-quality products and service.

To get started, you can use our “Locate a Dealer” map to find a dealer near you. We have locations across the Northeast and in parts of the Midwest for strategic access to our customers. You can also complete our online form to request more details, and one of our masonry specialists will get back to you as soon as possible.

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