Allan Block Courtyard

Allan Block Courtyard

The Allan Block Courtyard Collection features four block components that create free-standing patio walls. These unique blocks allow you to build fixtures for various projects with serpentine curves, straight walls, and decorative posts to add creative hardscapes to your outdoor space. Choosing different block colors, shapes, and textures will give you an outdoor space to be proud of.

fire pit
  • AB Dublin – 6″ H; 16-1/2″ W; 7″ D (39 lb)
  • AB York – 6″ H; 9″ W; 7″ D (20 lb)
  • Courtyard Corner – 6″ H; 15″ W; 7″ D (42 lb)
  • Courtyard Wall Cap – 3-1/2 ” H; 9-1/2″ W; 10″ D (22 lb)
  • Courtyard Post Cap – 3″ H; 26″ W; 26″ D (105 lb)
  • AB Old Country Dublin- 6″H x 16 1/2″W x 7″D (39lb)
  • AB Old Country York- 6″H x 9″W x 7″D (20lb)
  • Old Country Corner- 6″H x 15″W x 7″D (22lb)
  • Old Country Wall Cap- 3 1/2″H x 9 1/2″W x 10″D (22lb)

Note: Old Country is tumbled to order 

Special Order Colors: Birch Blend, White Oak, Emerson Blend, Rustic Blend 

Allan Block Courtyard Collection Pieces

The AB Courtyard Collection consists of four block shapes you can use in combination with one another to create wall structures. Here’s a closer look at each component:

  • AB York Block: This tapered block has long and short sides, making it easy to incorporate curves into your design. You can rotate every other block to use AB York blocks in a straight wall, too. Additionally, an adhesive is unnecessary because these blocks have raised rings on the top to interlock them.
  • AB Dublin Block: This block is angled and can be used to create left or right angles. The AB Dublin blocks also have raised rings to interlock with other blocks. This option is longer than the AB York and can be modified by cutting the block through the center of the holes. You can create opposite angles by installing the block upside down.
  • Corner Block: Corner blocks are angled with no designated top or bottom. As the name suggests, these blocks are used in the corners of your wall, and, like the AB Dublin, you can flip them to achieve opposite angles.
  • Caps: Caps add a finishing touch to any AB Courtyard project. Wall caps add a smooth finish around the perimeter of your wall, and post caps can top off your pillars or posts. Secure these blocks with adhesive.

Get creative with your design! Combine AB York and AB Dublin to create unique patterns in your wall.

Product Information

AB Courtyard Textures

AB Courtyard blocks now come in three textures:

  • AB Courtyard: You can use this texture to achieve the traditional cut stone look that complements many properties.
  • AB Old Country Courtyard: When you install blocks with the Old Country texture, your blocks can look tumbled and antiquated for old-country flair.
  • AB New World Courtyard: New World textured blocks have a sleek, modern and clean look that brings any courtyard into the present.

Additional Product Information

Packaging Information – Per Pallet

  • AB Courtyard-AB Dublin – 72 Pieces Per Pallet
  • AB Courtyard-AB York – 120 Pieces Per Pallet
  • Courtyard Corner Blocks – 75 Pieces Per Pallet
  • Courtyard Wall Caps – 80 Pieces Per Pallet
  • Courtyard Post Caps – 6 Pieces Per Pallet

The AB Courtyard block can also be used to make fire pits! Want some more ideas for an easy weekend project? Check out these projects for inspiration.

Find the AB Courtyard Collection at Nitterhouse Masonry

In addition to AB Courtyard and AB Old Country Courtyard, Nitterhouse Masonry now has AB New World Courtyard! This new style of Courtyard block has a sophisticated and clean look like stacked natural stone! It comes in all of our color options. Contact a member of our sales team to find out more about the Allan Block Courtyard Collection.

Visit the Allan Block website for:

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Allan Block’s patented, pre-engineered systems is unsurpassed when it comes to ease of installation Nitterhouse Masonry Products, LLC manufactures AB products for distribution in the Mid-Atlantic region.

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