Paver Pedestals

Product Image Test - Paver Pedestals
Product Image Test - Paver Pedestals
Product Image Test - Paver Pedestals
Product Image Test - Paver Pedestals
Product Image Test - Paver Pedestals

Patio made with paver pedestals

Product Image Test - Paver Pedestals

Outdoor patio area made with paver pedestals

Paver Pedestals

Extended outdoor living and commercial space with our pedestal set pavers manufactured with the same high strength and superior quality concrete as our architectural pavers. Nitterhouse plaza and roof deck pavers are designed to be pedestal set or fully supported. Provides elevation for positive drainage.

Protects roof waterproofing assembly from weather and UV light.


Paver Pedestals

Form meets function in our versatile selection of durable roof deck pavers. Discover pedestals and paver systems in a range of colors, sizes and styles built to enhance your roof or deck area.

What Is a Roof Deck Paver System?

Many businesses bite the bullet on wasted space when it comes to their roof decks and plazas. Without the right structure and support, these spaces are largely unusable — but this doesn’t have to be the case. A roof paver pedestal system provides the necessary flooring support to level your surface and free wasted space.

Our adjustable system uses modular supports that adapt to your unique flooring setup, creating the elevation needed for a secure foothold. Since we provide options in a range of paving stone colors, our pedestal system allows you to expand the deck’s capacity and align with your aesthetic — all without undertaking a large-scale construction project.

The wide, flat base of our pedestal paver systems protects the deck from damage while hiding any less-than-appealing pipework or cabling. As a result, our roof paver pedestal system provides a level, custom-built rooftop floor solution. With a thorough design, including multiple layers of protection and insulation, our pedestal system can handle any severe weather and water that comes its way.

Pedestal Paver Options

Our range of paver choices provides a sleek, professional finishing touch for any deck. Nitterhouse Masonry Products roof paver pedestal system can be designed to fit your space perfectly, resulting in a seamless custom-made look. Browse our variety of paving stone colors and let us help align your roof paver system with your current outdoor style.

The Importance of Quality Pedestal Pavers

A quality roof paver pedestal system can open up new worlds of possibilities for commercial property owners. Our expertly manufactured roof pavers combine attractive design with functional performance, creating a durable surface for any deck space. Proper roof paver systems let you level your walking surfaces and elevate your flooring to the desired level — all while optimizing airflow and water drainage. An efficient system can increase the aesthetic appeal of your space while also creating a healthier environment for the long haul.

In addition to expanding opportunities to use your space, quality pedestal pavers offer peace of mind. Contemporary looking pavers are fire-resistant and environmentally friendly recycled materials capable of standing the test of time.

What else can quality deck paver systems do?


The elevation between deck pavers and the roof’s surface — as well as small spacing between patio tile pedestal slabs — facilitates fast, effective water drainage. This setup prevents water buildup and subsequent structural damage, extending your roof’s lifespan.


Without a major construction project, uneven flooring or unattractive wiring can make outdoor spaces unusable for pedestrians. 

A custom pedestal roof deck provides the ultimate solution that can provide outdoor usage for several applications, including: 

  • Entertaining.
  • Restaurants and bars. 
  • Meeting and learning spaces. 
  • Pool decks. 
  • Green roof applications. 

You can capitalize on your square footage with smooth, seamless paving without the need for structural work.



Roof paver system elevation encourages better airflow, improving heat insulation in your outdoor area as well as extending the life of your roof waterproofing systems. As a bonus, quality roof deck pavers provide extra protection against harsh weather damage and UV degradation. Our waterproofing system and layers of rigid insulation, placed between the paving stones and roof deck itself, ensure a reliable, long-lasting fit.

Our Pedestal Tile Installation Process 

Nitterhouse Masonry Products offers a customizable service built around your commercial needs. Our installation requirements will vary according to your vision and expectations. That said, you can typically expect a consultation for your project that covers your pattern layout and measurements, as well as expert construction of your roof deck paver system. Learn more about what to expect from our pedestal installation specifications below.


Each paver pedestal installation process is unique to your needs. However, knowing how many pedestals per paver and shim plates per pedestal you’ll need can help you understand the fundamental aspects of any project:

  • Number of pedestals needed per paver: You will need approximately the same number of pedestals as paving stones. When the roof includes obstacles, such as columns or equipment, the paving stones may need to be cut and fitted. If so, this will increase the number of pedestals required. For example, you may need to cut several larger paving stones to custom-fit a series of small gaps, with one pedestal for each section of stone. 
  • Number of shim plates needed per pedestal: When you want a dead-level paving surface, you may need to use shim plates. Typically, you’ll need 10 shim plates for every 100 pedestals, though this is an estimate that changes with each specific project. Additionally, uneven deck surfaces will increase the number of pedestals and shims required.


Once your designer or contractor has drawn up a design plan, you’re ready to begin transforming your rooftop space. To install pedestal pavers, you’ll need the following components:

  • Roof support: Inspect the roof before beginning any project to make sure the roof deck is engineered to support the load and only lay pedestal pavers on surfaces with even bearing and full support. The roof surface should be non-compressible and designed to carry the loads that the ballast pavers will apply when fully loaded according to the design. Also, ensure the roof’s layout matches your design plan for an easy translation from blueprints to reality.
  • Spacer tabs: When laying the pavers, install spacer tabs between each paver to maintain an even 1/8-inch joining to allow water to drain below the surface. When you’ve completed the installation, you shouldn’t be able to see the spacers.
  • Paver pedestal edge detail: For striking and functional paver pedestal detailing, use one-half pedestals at the exterior edge of the deck and one-quarter pedestals at corners and at partial-angled paving stone locations. Lay pedestal pavers level, with parallel sides and straight courses.
  • Leveling plates: When you need to stack multiple pedestals, place the leveling plates on the top pedestal — never in between or below the pedestals.

Place pedestals with projecting spacing tabs facing upwards to ensure uniform joint spacing. Next, place paving stones tightly against spacing tabs to ensure even spacing. Set paving stones by lowering them horizontally rather than nosing them into position to eliminate any insulation indentation on the protected membrane roofing system. Align and shim as required to maintain a level surface throughout the project.

What You Can Expect From Nitterhouse Masonry Products

Nitterhouse Masonry Products offers expert services for a wide range of interior and exterior applications, including commercial and residential patios, walkways and roofs. We’ve worked with businesses of all kinds, from health care facilities and office buildings to schools and fire stations, to provide high-quality deck paver systems. If you’re searching for ways to expand your plaza deck capabilities with a pedestal paver system, you can count on Nitterhouse Masonry Products for an unmatched solution.

What else can you count on when you work with us?


We understand that every business is unique. Whether you’re trying to impress customers with an exquisitely designed outdoor seating area or looking for ways to increase functionality in your space, we’ll modify our approach to best suit your needs.

We offer a range of paving stone color options ranging from light earthy hues to dark gray shades. We can cut or fit these paving stones as needed for your space. With our versatile approach, you can achieve a tailored look that complements your space and leaves a lasting impression.


Nitterhouse Masonry Products has industry experience dating back almost a century. As a family business, our history spans over five generations. During these years, we’ve become a trusted resource for commercial and residential property owners throughout the community. We have built a solid reputation for high-quality products and services that don’t cut any corners.


Our family-owned and -operated model should say it all. We aim to build lasting partnerships with our clients and maintain a positive presence throughout the local community. You can expect customer service with a smile and a personal response to any questions or concerns you have.


When you work with us, you can count on clear expectations and timely results. We strive to be transparent with our pricing, reliable with our timelines and quick to react to your needs. We’ll deliver the results you want and expertly craft your deck paver system to align with your vision.

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