Camina Paving Stone

Camina Paving Stone

Our Camina paving stone’s signature grooves offer a unique linear look. The dimensions between the grooves are completely customizable.
The Camina paver can have two different finishes on the face which creates variations of color on the paving stone to add to the overall project’s design. This paver is sure to set your creative imagination on fire when designing your next project whether it is outside of an apartment building or a new shopping plaza our Camina paver will be the perfect addition to any project.


Camina Paving Stones for Commercial Building

When you’re looking to give your outdoor areas an upgrade, consider the Camina paving stone at Nitterhouse! With a very professional, linear final appearance, this option can give a polished look to both residential and commercial property.

You can achieve any type of look with the Camina paving stones. With such a distinct style, you can arrange them in an endless variety of ways! This gives you an even greater level of creativity and innovation in designing the feature.

The Perfect Addition to Any Project

Whatever type of project you’re planning, you can use Camina paving stones to create a look that you absolutely love. With their versatility and classic look, you can use this material to improve the look of your outdoor areas at your home or business.

The Camina option has a grooved look and a more elongated shape. With several different configurations of the lines on the slabs of stone and a variety of finishes, you can arrange the stones in any style that you want. With such high potential for creativity and personalization, you are sure to create a look you will enjoy on your final project for many years to come.

From paving the quad on a college campus to creating a unique rooftop design, Camina gives any property and project a beautiful, refined look you and your clients will fall in love with.

Commercial & Residential  Applications

Landscape architects and designers enjoy working with camina paving stones because they are perfect for a number of different projects. 

On commercial properties and in public spaces, you can use Camina concrete stones to create beautiful and functional spaces. Public parks could see an amazing upgrade with an outdoor fountain accented by Camina stones, a restaurant can adopt a beautiful outdoor eating area and you can make smooth lines that look amazing in an outdoor shopping center.

This option from Nitterhouse looks great in residential properties, too. If you have an in-ground pool, you can surround the water with our Camina pavers to give it an even better final appearance. On a patio, you can use the pavers to give your outdoor space a modern look.

Their simple yet refined look makes Camina architectural paving stones a perfect material for both residential and commercial projects!

Choose Camina Paving Stone at Nitterhouse Masonry Products

Nitterhouse has manufactured top-quality paving stones and other concrete products for decades. Whether you’re a returning customer or are placing your first order with us, we know you will love the final look our products will give your exterior spaces.

With a great variety of applications for both commercial and residential purposes, our Camina line of paving stones will give a beautiful and polished final look. To learn more about this product and our others available, please contact us today!


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