Urban Stone (planks)

Urban Stone (planks)

With its many variations in color and size, Urban Stone is a plank-style paver that is unmatched in its design versatility. Urban Stone, just like our other architectural paving stones, is made with superior quality concrete strength that is durable and long-lasting.

More sizes and colors are available. Please contact your Nitterhouse representative. Urban Stone square edges standard.

  • 4”x 12”x 3 1/8” 13lbs
  • 4”x 18”x 3 1/8” 19.5lbs
  • 4”x 24”x 3 1/8” 26lbs
  • 4”x 12”x 2” 8lbs
  • 4”x 18”x 2” 12lbs
  • 4”x 24”x 2” 16lbs
  • 6″x 12″x 3 1/8″ 17lbs

Urban Stone Plank Paving Stone for Commercial Building Projects

When choosing commercial exterior paving stones, you need to put a lot of thought into the stone you select. You want a unique paving stone that will convey the distinctiveness and character of your property while also coordinating with your property’s exterior décor. The stone should also be a solid, versatile paver that will last for a long time.

Have you considered a plank-style paver? Plank paving stones have a unique look that definitely stands out from traditional pavers while still looking quite sophisticated and appropriate for a wide range of commercial applications. We suggest you consider the Nitterhouse Urban Stone plank-style paver. Urban Stone provides the versatility you need with a tremendous range of sizes and colors to choose from and even more customization options available upon request. These plank-style pavers offer the superior strength and durability of all Nitterhouse concrete products.

Urban Stone Colors

You can find Urban Stone pavers in a variety of colors to suit the aesthetics of any hardscaping project. Create a uniform look with one color, or mix and match several shades of the same hue for an interesting focal point in your walkway or courtyard. Urban Stone is a versatile and durable material, so choosing a paver color is an investment in your commercial exterior designs.

Depending on the colors already present in the space, consider the following plank paving stone colors:

  • Grays: Ranging from light to dark, gray stones offer a neutral complement to modern exteriors and earth-toned environments. Use light gray stones to offset the colors of the surrounding area, or add a sharp contrast using almost-black pavers.
  • Beiges and browns: Ideal for blending with surroundings or providing depth to existing earth tones, brown and beige pavers highlighted with metallic flecks are the perfect way to subtly upgrade an exterior.
  • Reds: For a bold look sure to stand out in any environment, red paving stones are a unique choice. Ranging from deep maroons to dusty pinks, these add a pop of unexpected color that still complements surrounding earth tones.

Urban Stone Sizes

Whether you’re looking to upgrade a sprawling courtyard or define a single-file garden path, Urban Stone pavers come in several different sizes and lengths to suit your project needs. With the smallest standard size measuring 4 inches by 12 inches and ranging up to 6 inches and 24 inches there are a variety of sizes to help define your project. Rectangular paving stones come in heights of 2 inches and 3 1/8 inches making some lengths applicable for driving on.

Their size makes these rectangular paving stones perfect for filling large spaces with proportional details that are pleasing to the eye or quickly paving small areas in an intricate pattern.

Urban Stone Applications

Urban Stone pavers look great when featured in a variety of hardscaping projects. Plank pavers add sophistication and style to commercial building exteriors and overall property upgrades. Some ideas for Urban Stone projects include:

  • Apartment complex courtyards
  • Museum walkways
  • Driveways* note some sizes are not applicable for driving on
  • College campus pathways
  • Garden accessory complements

Urban Stone Benefits

When choosing the right pavers for your job, you’ll want stones that will withstand years of use while adding a neat decorative touch to the area. Some benefits of Urban Stone include:

  • Deep: These pavers range in depths from 2 inches to a little over 3 inches, depending on length and width selected it may be possible to drive on
  • Durable: Urban Stone is made from strong concrete, so you can confidently install these plank pavers in high-traffic areas to be used and enjoyed for a long time.
  • Configurable: The standard square edge on these pavers makes them perfect for creating interlocking designs with clean, straight lines and no gaps.
  • Customizable: If your project requires stones with a unique size or shape, customizable options allow you to get the job done with high-quality stones cut to your specifications.

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