Pole Barn Footers

Pole Barn Footers

They are perfect as a base for pole buildings, horse barns, decks, sheds, free-standing signs, and other small buildings.

Precast pole barn footers save contractors time, labor and material costs.

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12″ weighs 56lbs each

16″ weighs 95lbs each

Pole Barn Concrete Footings

Pole Barn Concrete Footings

Pole barn concrete footings are perfect for many small buildings. Builders and architects trust concrete pole barn footings to support their structures. They can withstand the elements and last for years. Learn how to build a better foundation with Nitterhouse Masonry. 

Does a Pole Barn Slab Need Footers?

Every structure can benefit from a sturdy foundation. Depending on what you want to construct and your building’s location, concrete footings for a pole barn will reinforce the columns and add strength. The soil on which you build will also impact the results over time. Concrete footings can limit shifting, thus preventing damage. 

You must use concrete pads large enough to bear the structural load and resist its weight. A concrete footer on a pole barn varies from 6 inches thick to 16 inches wide. Consult with our expert designers and engineers to help you choose the best option for you. 

Benefits of Pole Barn Concrete Footings

Benefits of Pole Barn Concrete Footings

There are many reasons to use precast concrete pole barn footings to support your building. Here are a few advantages you can look forward to.

  • Save time: A precast footing can save contractors, builders and architects time on their projects. It is easy to install and lets you quickly move on to the next phase in your building plans. 
  • Save labor and material costs: You can place premade concrete footers into the holes supporting your poles or columns. 
  • Resists heavy loads: Concrete footings allow the poles and columns to rest on its surface. It prevents the column from settling in the ground, which can cause instability.
  • Concrete is durable: Concrete is a durable, long-lasting material that can withstand changing weather conditions. 
  • Stability: Your concrete footing will provide stability to limit damage to your building. 

What Are the Best Footings for a Pole Barn?

Precast concrete pole barn footings are the best footers to use for your pole barn. As the pole or column rests on the concrete footings, it limits moisture from the soil that can rot the posts. It is a cost-effective and time-saving option. Reinforce it with stone to create a long-lasting foundation. 

For a pole barn, consider using concrete footings that are large enough to withstand the building’s weight, limiting the risk of settling and increasing stability.

Contact Nitterhouse Masonry for Your Pole Barn Concrete Footings Needs

Contact Nitterhouse Masonry for Your Pole Barn Concrete Footings Needs

Get high-quality masonry products from Nitterhouse Masonry. We provide a range of specially engineered products for residential and commercial use. With exceptional machinery, we create concrete products that maintain their integrity while resisting various conditions.

Our expertise spans decades, ensuring you get knowledgeable advice from our engineers and designers. You will have a team of experts to provide materials that will create an everlasting and aesthetically pleasing design.  

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