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Nitterhouse Polished block

Polished Block

The polished finish is our newest and most innovative finish for concrete masonry units. This highly, polished block finish gives the block a glossy, shiny…

Split face block

Split Face Concrete Block

If you’re an architect seeking to create a distinctive look for your building project, split face block options deserve serious consideration. Unlike ground face blocks…

Ground face in a school hallway

Ground Face Finish Concrete Block

Are you attempting to achieve a smooth, uniform design for your building project? Have you explored a variety of materials and been dissatisfied with their…

Antique Finish

Antique finished concrete block is an excellent choice for anyone who prefers a building with a weathered texture and a more rustic look. Because it…

Shippensburg Emergency Services building made of recycled concrete block

Recycled Concrete Block

What is recycled CMU block? A recycled concrete masonry unit is a type of architectural block featuring a high thermal mass and a modular design.…

Building made of monarch blox

Monarch Blox

Many builders, architects and property owners prefer a structure with a brick appearance. But it takes more time to build with brick, which can raise…

Different Faces and Finishes for Architectural Blocks

Architectural concrete blocks are a versatile building product builders can use for a wide variety of projects from museums and universities to shopping centers and offices. We make these strong and environmentally friendly concrete building blocks with sand, rock, cement and water. Suitable for both exterior and interior applications, concrete masonry units (CMUs) come in different sizes and shapes to satisfy any construction demand.

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Nitterhouse Masonry Products wants to be a part of your next project. By checking out our product literature, you can read more information about the Architectural Paver series as well as some specifications for installation. Family-owned and operated for five generations, Nitterhouse Masonry Products brings your architectural dreams to life. Contact Nitterhouse Masonry today to speak to one of our professionals!

1. Ground Face:

Ground face concrete masonry blocks offer a sleek, smooth and rich appearance. Grinding these CMUs on their face exposes the natural aggregates in the concrete. Nitterhouse’s Ground Face CMU comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, with each block carefully produced to have a uniform appearance. Our ground face CMU meets ASTM-C90 standards, and builders can use these blocks at or below grade for exterior or interior applications. These concrete blocks arrive ready to use with an integral water repellent and sealed with a water-based acrylic resin sealer that meets ASTM C-744 standards. For exterior walls, Nitterhouse’s ground face concrete masonry units are resistant to weathering, and in interior construction, they provide an attractive shine. Our ground face CMUs come in a wide range of colors with the option of a matching Type-S mortar.

Nitterhouse also offers a ground face veneer block in our Legacy Stone with a terrazzo finish. Perfect for decorative accent bands or sills and chamfers, this 4″ ground face veneer meets ASTM-C129 standards. Legacy Stone concrete block products provide the visual appeal of smooth granite for both interior or exterior designs.

The classic and uniform appeal of ground face architectural blocks is well-suited for a variety of construction projects, including:

  • Libraries
  • Office buildings
  • Schools
  • College dormitories
  • Shopping malls

2. Split Face:

When you want a textured look, split face concrete masonry blocks offer a broken rock-face appearance that is rough but clean. The fully exposed aggregates in these concrete blocks uniquely catch the sunlight to create a visually stimulating building façade. For large exterior applications, split face concrete blocks often provide a more interesting and aesthetically pleasing look than a smooth finish. Split face CMUs are also an excellent choice for banding stripes to create a more diverse design. In interior applications, split face CMUs add depth and dimension to flat walls with their rough texture.

Nitterhouse’s Split Face CMU offers the same excellent durability and quality of our ground face CMU and is similarly designed to meet ASTM-C90 standards. Our split face masonry units are fire-rated for up to four hours and have an integral water repellent to prevent mold effectively. Perfect for building façades or accent features, split face textured concrete blocks are sure to add interest to any building.

The eye-catching texture of split face CMUs makes them an ideal choice for:

  • Museums
  • Banks
  • Fire stations
  • Schools
  • Office buildings

3. Polished Finish:

With an even more sleek and shiny appearance than ground face finish, a filled and polished finish offers an upscale look for interior or exterior uses. Nitterhouse’s Elite CMU with a polished finish has a ground face filled with an acrylic resin filler, polished to perfection and sealed with water-based acrylic resin sealer that conforms to ASTM C-744 standards. Our Elite CMU is safe to use for load-bearing walls in exterior or interior applications. An excellent choice for interior designs, the polished finish of our Elite CMUs means you do not need to face concrete block with ceramic tile to achieve a smooth and shimmering interior wall. These polished CMUs add class to any design, whether for full walls or accents.

CMUs with a polished finish offer high-class appeal in a variety of construction projects, such as:

  • Boutique shops
  • Courthouses
  • Municipal buildings
  • Universities
  • Apartment buildings

4. Shot Blast Finish:

Falling between the smooth surface of ground face blocks and striking texture of split face blocks, CMUs with a shot blast finish offer a slightly textured and distressed appeal. Shot-blasting these architectural blocks creates a weathered and antique look. Nitterhouse’s Antique CMU is available in a variety of colors with beautiful exposed aggregate. Perfect for exterior or interior designs, shot blasted CMUs also offer contrast when used in banding stripes.

For non-load-bearing applications, Nitterhouse offers a Legacy Stone CMU with a textured finish. This shot blasted CMU provides a vintage appeal to any building and adds dimension to your building design.

The rustic appeal of architectural CMU blocks with a shot blast finish is perfect for building designs that call for antique charm, including:

  • Banks
  • Libraries
  • Courthouses
  • Museums
  • Hotels

7. Clay Brick Alternative:

Some building projects call for the rustic look of brick, but the sturdiness and strength of concrete. Nitterhouse offers our Monarch Blox as an alternative to clay brick. These load-bearing concrete masonry blocks are the same height as standard brick blocks, but the length and depth of concrete blocks. The natural and rustic appeal of our Monarch Blox makes them a perfect choice for:

  • Shopping malls
  • Office buildings
  • College dormitories
  • Schools
  • Banks

8. Recycled Concrete Masonry Blocks:

Concrete masonry units offer several environmentally friendly benefits, including providing building insulation that reduces the use of heating and cooling units and being constructed with entirely natural materials. Concrete building blocks also pose no risk of releasing chemicals into the environment. However, Nitterhouse also offers recycled CMU blocks that can make your building project even greener.

Nitterhouse Masonry’s eco-SMART blocks include at least 30 percent recycled materials and are one of the most environmentally friendly building products available. By using sustainable natural materials, our recycled CMU blocks reduce waste and create greener buildings. Builders and architects even have the option to increase the percentage of recycled materials in their CMUs to earn more LEED points for your sustainable building project. These eco-friendly concrete blocks still offer the high-performance features of other Nitterhouse products. Our eco-SMART blocks meet ASTM C-90 standards for load-bearing blocks, offer superior fire resistance and provide excellent soundproofing for a quieter office building, school or shop.

Eco-SMART blocks are available in ground face and split face finishes and can be customized to match the color of any regular CMU block. Our recycled CMU blocks can fit seamlessly into any building design to maintain a professional and pleasing aesthetic while offering added environmental benefits. Here are a few great applications for recycled CMUs in building projects:

  • Office buildings
  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Apartments
  • Municipal buildings

Why Choose CMUs?

Many builders and architects choose CMUs for their strength, attractive appearance and affordability. If you are wondering if concrete masonry blocks are right for your construction project, consider these benefits of building with CMUs.

  • Durability: Concrete blocks are durable against severe weather such as hail and sleet. They are also resistant to physical damage such as if a car bumps the building. Concrete building blocks are long-lasting and reliable.
  • Low maintenance: Concrete masonry blocks will retain their original quality for a long time, without fading or becoming discolored from rain or snow. Because the color pigments are added internally, you never have to worry about painting or maintaining CMUs.
  • Easy to install: CMUs are easy to install, and their hollow cavities allow reinforcement with vertical steel beams. Concrete masonry blocks provide reliable and stable performance, making them a popular choice for government and industrial buildings.
  • Better building insulation: Save on heating and cooling costs by choosing concrete blocks that offer improved insulation. The thermal mass of concrete blocks allows them to better trap heat in the winter and cold air in the summer. Concrete blocks also stabilize internal building temperatures despite outside temperature fluctuations.
  • Better soundproofing: Concrete blocks help prevent outside noise from entering the building to provide quieter offices and schools.
  • Fire-resistant: Many concrete masonry blocks are fire-resistant for up to four hours, making them a safer choice for schools, hospitals and other buildings.
  • Excellent appearance: Concrete masonry blocks provide a clean and attractive appearance for building exteriors and interiors. The variety of decorative finishes available makes them an affordable way to construct a beautiful building.
  • Environmentally friendly: Nitterhouse offers eco-friendly CMU blocks with 30 percent or more recycled materials. These environmentally friendly blocks are long-lasting, so they rarely need replacement or repair and greatly reduce waste.
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