Architectural Pavers

Product Image Test - Architectural Pavers

outdoor patio made with architectural pavers

Product Image Test - Architectural Pavers
Product Image Test - Architectural Pavers
Product Image Test - Architectural Pavers
Product Image Test - Architectural Pavers
Product Image Test - Architectural Pavers
Product Image Test - Architectural Pavers
Product Image Test - Architectural Pavers
Product Image Test - Architectural Pavers
Product Image Test - Architectural Pavers
Product Image Test - Architectural Pavers
Product Image Test - Architectural Pavers
Product Image Test - Architectural Pavers
Product Image Test - Architectural Pavers

sidewalk made with architectural pavers

Architectural Pavers

Nitterhouse’s high-strength Architectural Pavers combine durability with the natural beauty of aggregates showing through the finish. Our Architectural Pavers achieve an architecturally uniform appearance while mimicking natural materials.

The Nitterhouse Architectural Pavers give hotels, office buildings and other commercial landscapes a cohesive look through standard geometric shapes and dimensions. Using our Architectural Pavers gives you the opportunity to completely redesign your layout with furniture, lighting and more, as our product is easy to match and plays well with additional decor.

These outdoor pavers serve a purpose around swimming pools, outdoor patios, schools, courtyards and more with eye-catching detail and the capability to let you design a sense of flow in any area. Besides being structurally sound, Nitterhouse Architectural Pavers also tie visual designs into any creative space.



The Benefits of Exquisite Commercial Concrete Pavers

Nitterhouse’s line of commercial concrete paving stones challenges the traditional concept of architecture. With custom-fit shapes and an array of colors ranging from earthy to vibrant, we can breathe new life into your business’s outdoor spaces. Our architectural paving stones blend functional performance with aesthetic design to create a look that’s both attractive and practical.

We produce our architectural slabs with commercial spaces in mind — which means that they’re ready to withstand heavy loads and handle the effects of harsh weather, sun exposure and water. Nitterhouse uses only the finest materials to create a finish that can last for the long haul.

The benefits of using quality commercial paving pavers are vast. Our pavers give businesses the opportunity to:

  • Achieve a uniform look throughout their exterior spaces.
  • Extend the life of patios, roof decks, swimming pools, gardens and courtyards.
  • Provide a stunning outdoor ambiance to impress guests, clients or customers.
  • Make the most of square footage by giving pedestrians easy access to exterior areas.
  • Stand out from the competition with a distinct and appealing outdoor space for any occasion.
  • Expand business capabilities through extra outdoor seating or rooftop access space. The sky’s the limit!

Choose From a Selection of Commercial Grade Pavers

The team at Nitterhouse Masonry Products strives to create the best experience for our customers. That’s why we offer a versatile range of options to stoke your imagination and ensure our service meets your vision. From intricate paving bricks to large commercial grade pavers, we’ve got what you need for any business application — from the patio to the rooftop.

Some of our most popular signature paver options include:

  • Camina paving stone: Customizable groove dimensions create a distinctly geometric look that will instantly enhance your outdoor appeal. Explore our Camina line’s finishing and color options to find the right look for your next project.
  • Urban stone: Need commercial grade pavers that bring your building’s contemporary style to a new level? We can adapt our urban stone, crafted with unmatched concrete strength, to fit your space for the long term.
  • Plaza and roof deck pavers: You can use commercial grade pavers to expand your rooftop space capabilities. Elevate the look of your roof, poolside or deck with plaza pavers in either a fully supported or pedestal set style.
  • Slate pavers: Our unique slate paving stones combine the best of real slate aesthetic with durable concrete strength. Straight sides and square edges contribute to an attractive modern appearance, while the natural finish will blend seamlessly into the background.
  • VIP pavers: These pavers include highly textured VIP pavers designed with visually impaired pedestrians in mind. Increase the accessibility of your commercial space by choosing pavers compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Looking for a style, size or design that breaks the mold? Nitterhouse Masonry can help. With generations of industry expertise under our belt and a flexible can-do attitude, we’ve got the custom paver options you need. Explore our range of customizable specifications below — and feel free to contact us for a one-of-a-kind commercial grade paver finish.

Customizable Options

These high-strength pavers give you durability and a chance to design with exact specifications in mind. Combining practical use with customizable options, Nitterhouse offers our Architectural Pavers in colors and textures that aim to mimic natural materials. Popular color options include:

  • PG-7
  • PG-27
  • PG-134
  • PG-79D
  • PG-23
  • PG-2

Zooming in on our color samples is the best way to receive an accurate view of each color scheme. Our Architectural Pavers provide office buildings, apartment complexes, schools and other businesses room to explore creative visions, as each color option is different than the next.

Architectural Pavers: Sizes and Shapes

Nitterhouse Architectural Pavers provide a number of options to support any framework. What do we mean? There are seven different standard sizes with each paver selection. Based on your project, installers work with the following Architectural Paver dimensions:

  • 12″ x 12″ – 24 lbs.
  • 12″ x 24″ – 48 lbs.
  • 12″ x 36″ – 74lbs
  • 18″ x 18″ – 54 lbs.
  • 18″ x 24″ – 72 lbs.
  • 24″ x 24″ – 97 lbs.
  • 24″ x 30″ – 123 lbs.
  • 24″ x 36″ – 145 lbs.

Selecting different dimensions will help properly mold the size of the area you’re working with. All pieces are 1-7/8″ thick for maximum durability that lasts, and customers can access other thicknesses upon request.

Purchasing Architectural Pavers From Nitterhouse

Nitterhouse Masonry Products wants to be a part of your next landscaping project. By checking out our product literature, you can read more information about the Architectural Paver series as well as some specifications for installation. Family-owned and operated for five generations, Nitterhouse Masonry Products brings your architectural dreams to life. Contact Nitterhouse Masonry today to speak to one of our professionals!

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