Fire Pits

Fire Pits

Extend your outdoor entertaining or peaceful evenings for a few more months by installing a fire pit! We produce many different variations and colors of fire pits. You will most certainly find one to fit your needs or outdoor decor.

fire pit
  • Chiseled Fire Pit:  33″ Dia x 10″ H (Includes: 8 pieces, 4 caps, 1 metal liner) 
  • Village Garden Square Fire Pit: 39″ W x 39″ D x 15″ H (Includes: 32 blocks, 4 caps and 1 metal liner)
  • Concrete Camp Fire Ring:  38″ Dia x 10″h ( 1 piece) 

Product Information

Not only do we offer typical circular style fire pits we also manufacture a unique square fire pit out of our Village Garden Wall Block. Now you can have a fire pit that will match your gardens, patio, or outdoor kitchen.  Nitterhouse’s square Village Garden Fire Pit also allows for some customization through three different color options which you can mix and match for example putting a band or stripe through the middle.

The concrete camp fire ring is our most simple fire pit design perfect for the camp site or hunting cabin. (Note: this fire pit does not include a metal liner)

The color and texture of each fire pit is carefully replicated to give the appearance of natural stone without the labor or cost helping you design an inviting outdoor site.

All of our fire pits include metal liners to prevent ash and fire darkening the interior block or concrete.

All fire pit styles we produce also include matching caps to give a completed look and creating a ledge.

Easily create a wonderful environment for entertaining  with one of our 4 styles:

  • Chiseled Fire Pit
  • Village Garden Square Fire Pit
  • Concrete Camp Fire Ring

Contact us today to have a concrete fire pit ready for fall bonfires and outdoor gatherings.

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