VIP Pavers

Product Image Test - VIP Pavers
Product Image Test - VIP Pavers
Product Image Test - VIP Pavers

Visually impaired pavers outside of business.

Product Image Test - VIP Pavers

Visually impaired pavers on sidewalk

Product Image Test - VIP Pavers
Product Image Test - VIP Pavers

Visually impaired pavers (VIP)

Product Image Test - VIP Pavers
Product Image Test - VIP Pavers
Product Image Test - VIP Pavers

Visually impaired pavers outside of business.

Product Image Test - VIP Pavers

VIP Pavers

Our VIP pavers (for Visually Impaired Pedestrians) comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The top surface of each VIP paver has raised truncated domes to create a distinctive, textured surface, which alerts those with limited vision to changes in their path.

Applications include curbs, drop-offs, and other potential hazards.

Meets all ASTM 936 Specifications.

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VIP Pavers for the Visually Impaired

Nitterhouse Masonry has a nearly century-old history of providing the best in concrete products for both residential and commercial applications. We are particularly proud to offer these safe pavers for pedestrians with disabilities. The textured truncated dome surface easily and comfortably alerts the visually impaired that they have stepped onto different terrain, indicating that some change in the landscape is near.

These great visually impaired (VIP) pavers, which fully comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act, provide a textured surface that is easier to walk on as well as a warning that a curb, step or other drop-offs may be near. Available in a variety of colors, they are also attractive and suitable for a decorative addition around your pool, the walkway to your building or your patio.

We want to do everything we can to help all people appreciate and enjoy the world around them, and we think you will, too. Maybe you want to help your friends with disabilities or mobility impairments have an easier time getting around your home. Or perhaps you own a business and recognize your legal and moral obligation to help those with disabilities avoid injury in and around your property. Everyone can benefit from these practical and stylish pavers, no matter the reason.

VIP Paver Applications

Visually impaired pavers, also called tactile pavers, help pedestrians with visual impairments walk safely and confidently in outdoor environments. You can install VIP pavers in a variety of outdoor areas to help create a more accessible community.

Some common places to install VIP pavers include:

  • Crosswalks: Let people know when they’re about to enter traffic with a set of VIP pavers at each end of a crosswalk.
  • Stairs: Alert people to an upcoming change in walkway elevation by placing VIP pavers at the top and bottom of staircases, as well as around other small dips in elevation.
  • Train platforms: Warn people they’re getting close to the edge of a train station platform with rows of VIP pavers along the length of the platform.
  • Pools: VIP pavers can tell people when they’re getting close to bodies of water such as in-ground swimming pools or other decorative, public ponds and pools.

VIP Paver Colors and Sizes

The color VIP pavers you choose for an area can provide additional assistance to people with residual vision. Include colors that are bright or that stand out from their surroundings, such as:

  • Yellow: Signal people to use caution with yellow pavers that are bright enough to stand out to many people with residual vision.
  • Red: Alert pedestrians to environmental changes such as crosswalks with pavers in a distinct brick-red color that stands out from regular concrete.
  • White: Provide contrast with light-colored pavers placed in or next to darker walking surfaces such as blacktop. 
  • Black: Similarly, contrast light-colored walking surfaces like concrete sidewalks with dark-colored pavers.

VIP pavers come in two sizes — 1 square foot and 2 square feet. Once you’ve mapped out the size of the area you want to add pavers to, decide whether smaller or larger squares will be best to fill the area effectively.

Benefits of VIP Pavers

The variety of colors, sizes and applications for VIP pavers makes them an excellent choice to use when creating safe walking spaces in your community. The many benefits of tactile pavers include:

  • Tactile warning: For those in need of sensory warning signs other than visual cues, VIP pavers present a change in ground texture so pedestrians can feel when they’re about to enter a different or potentially unsafe area.
  • Visual warning: VIP pavers come in bright and unconventional colors, so many sighted people can notice the change in walkway color and make safe choices accordingly.
  • Multifaceted warning components: Keep in mind that VIP pavers are just one aspect of creating an accessible community for people with visual impairments. These pavers provide the above benefits often in conjunction with other warning signs such as auditory cues and flashing lights. If you’re thinking about installing VIP pavers, consult members and leaders of your community to find out what other features may be helpful or necessary to add.

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Nitterhouse makes concrete products you can rely on, and these VIP pavers definitely fit the mold. If you’re ready to do your part by adding some of these great-looking pavers to your home, we’re more than happy to talk to you about how best to integrate them into your building design.

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