Nitterhouse Masonry Products In Kentucky

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Reading Rock Inc. in Louisville, KY

13698 Aiken Road Louisville, KY 40245

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Monday-Friday: 7:30am-4pm

Products Available: Architectural-pavers, Slate-pavers, Urban-stone, Vip-pavers

Masonry Products in Kentucky

The Nitterhouse Masonry Products dealer network serves Louisville, Kentucky, with a wide variety of masonry solutions, including:  

  • Brick: Our brick collection offers everything you need, from designer bricks with a classic aesthetic to specialized solutions like bricks for fireplaces or kilns.
  • Natural stone: We have natural sand and stone solutions in bagged and bulk quantities.  
  • Hardscape products: Our hardscape products include a variety of decorative outdoor pieces, from fire pits to terrace stones. 
  • Architectural blocks: These designer solutions include everything from glossy blocks to antique finish options. 
  • Retaining walls: Our team is proud to offer Allan Block concrete retaining walls in many variants, including blocks built with an eco-conscious approach.
  • Specialty products: Nitterhouse Masonry Products provides a collection of specialty goods designed to meet unique needs, including stop blocks for parking lots, signposts, cattle grates and much more. 
  • Pavers and paving stones: Our concrete pavers are both durable and fashionable. Shop our dealers for everything from faux cobblestone to industrial solutions like commercial slabs. 
  • Cleaners and sealers: Our collection of cleaners and sealers is a one-stop solution for keeping your job site sanitary and secure. 
  • Veneer stone: Handcrafted veneer stones offer the premium look and feel of designer stone at an affordable price point. 

Locate a Masonry Dealer in Kentucky

Nitterhouse Masonry Products has been a family-owned business since 1923. Today, we serve Kentucky and communities throughout the mid-Atlantic with a network of dealers for masonry solutions. Call or email your local dealer now to connect or contact our team online to discuss our superior masonry products.