Aqua Pave Permeable Pavers

We offer Permeable Aqua Pavers in two sizes for various permeable projects.

Inbitex® is a thermally bonded geotextile that removes 99% of all oil, gasoline, and diesel, and 97% of other pollutants.

Product Information

Nitterhouse proudly produces Aqua Pave in two different sizes:

Aqua Pave Paving Stone: 4″x 8″x 3 1/8″

Aqua Pave Slab: 18″x 18″x 2″  (Note: the Aqua Pave Slab is only available in Red, Pewter, and Charcoal)

AquaPave Black Background

AquaPave Components Graphic

Product Information

  • Pedestrian and disability friendly
  • ADA compliant
  • Lower construction and life-cycle costs
  • Eliminates surface runoff
  • Water harvesting
  • Contributes to LEED® building certifications
  • Excellent for roof water management
  • Removes 99.99% of oil and hydrocarbons, and up to 97% of heavy metals

Inbitex®  Fabric

inbitex fabricInbitex® (the heart of the AquaPave System) is a thermally bonded, non-woven geotextile that removes 99% of all hydrocarbons (oil, gasoline, diesel) and 97% of other pollutants, including heavy metals from vehicle exhaust, from the storm-water that passes through the system. This ‘gray water’ can either be safely released into the groundwater, storm sewers, watercourses or harvested for irrigation.

For a sample of Inbitex® Fabric, ask your Nitterhouse representative or call 717-267-4500.

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