Site Amenities

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Whether you are in the market for security bollards and commercial trash cans or outdoor planters and decorative concrete barriers, you’ll find everything you need within our exclusive line of masonry products.

  • Beautifully designed to integrate into your natural environment
  • Built with high-quality concrete to withstand years of harsh weather
  • Effective security deterrents
  • Available in a variety of styles and configurations

Beautify Your Property With Outdoor Planters and Decorative Concrete Barriers

Concrete planters serve the duel purpose of adding natural beauty to your property while supplying an extra boundary of safety and protection. Our extensive selection enables you to bring your unique creative vision for outdoor spaces to life. We offer:

  • Decorative concrete barriers for residential and commercial properties
  • Round, square and rectangular planter designs
  • Wide variety of natural color options
  • Range of product sizes and weights

Enhance Your Site Amenities With Concrete Receptacles

Whether you are building a luxury commercial property or looking for ways to modernize your site amenities, Nitterhouse concrete trash cans and ash trays offer an attractive solution. Our complete range of concrete receptacles is available in tandem trash can and ash tray configurations, as well as in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and weights.

Our commercial ashtrays and concrete trash cans enhance your property by:

  • Seamlessly blending into your architectural design
  • Lowering operating costs of replacing receptials over time
  • Maintaining an inviting environment for your guests, employees or residents
  • Increasing property safety and cleanliness

Protect Your Facility With Concrete Security Bollards

Nitterhouse security bollards provide superior protection to any building or property in a way that’s visually appealing. Our concrete bollards are available in a wide range of sizes, colors and types including convex top, dome top, flat top and seating bollard configurations. Simple to install and available with predrilled holes that make it easy to add custom signage and chain attachments, it’s a cost-effective, long-lasting security solution for properties including:

  • Municipal parks and government buildings
  • Schools, libraries and hospitals
  • Transportation stations, harbors and airports
  • Commercial shopping malls
  • Large industrial complexes
  • Residential apartment buildings
  • Stadiums, museums and entertainment venues

Find Your Local Nitterhouse Dealer for Concrete Site Amenities Today