Commercial Paving Stones

Nitterhouse offers a variety of paver options for commercial use. Whether it be to redesign a mall or plaza or to build a rooftop garden, we have a paver that will suit your architectural needs.

We offer the following pavers for commercial use:


Unlimited designs can be created by combining sizes, colors, and textures.

Large Commercial Paving Stones

While smaller pavers have their place, there are certain business applications that call for commercial large paving stones. Nitterhouse commercial square pavers can give you the look you need for the courtyard, rooftop, pathways or commercial patios of your business. Superior pavers can be used as ballast pavers for roofs.

When you’re planning the landscape of your commercial area, design considerations are critical. You want your courtyard or walkway to look professional, but also inviting. Our large pavers are unique and distinctive, and being larger than other pavers makes them stand out. They can also shrink the feel of your patio size, so they are appropriate for very large open areas that you wish to feel less overwhelming. Smaller spaces can make good use of large pavers under the right circumstances, as well. Another option is to fill your surface field with large pavers and then border the area with small pavers for a distinctive effect.

Whichever size, style, color and design you choose, Nitterhouse Masonry has the superior paver options to help you customize a look that fits in with your business’ style and brand — and one that will be attractive and inviting to visitors and partners for many years to come.

Nitterhouse Can Help You Maximize the Benefit of Your Commercial Pavers

If you like the idea of these large, distinctive, attractive pavers for your commercial area but aren’t quite sure how to use them, Nitterhouse Masonry can help. Our team of masonry experts come from a Nitterhouse tradition dating back nearly a century. Start by filling out and submitting our information form so we can learn more about you and your concrete paving project. We’ll have one of our masonry specialists contact you to help you place an order, or to talk about the best way to implement these great pavers in your design. Contact us to get started right now!

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