Terrace Stone

Create your own simple garden wall with our Terrace Stone blocks.

With each blocking weighing just 30lbs, they are easy to handle.

The straightforward nature of these blocks allows you to design just about any type of wall including walls with interior and exterior curves.

Product Information

Recommended Installation:
1. Excavate a level trench 9” deep by 16” wide.
2. Fill the trench with 6” of stone (3/4” – 1” clean stone is recommended).
3. Compact the stone with a tamper or flat shovel.
4. Lay the base course, making sure that at least 2” is below grade.
5. Level the base course.
6. Backfill behind the block and compact (stone is recommended to enhance drainage).
7. Lay succeeding courses—backfilling and compacting each course as it is completed.
8. The setback of the block is determined by the installer. Various wall batters can be

achieved by holding back each course consistently. Terrace Stone is engineered to
go to a maximum height of 24” (or six courses).
Suggested Layout Patterns

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