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Nitterhouse manufactures many different finishes and styles of architectural concrete block as well as  architectural paver, retaining wall block, veneer stone and site amenities so that you can be sure to find what you need for your commercial project. We are open to collaborating with your project design team to create the project that matches your inspiration and imagination. The possibilities are limitless using our full line of architectural concrete products.

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Elementary School made concrete blocks.

Architectural Paving Slabs 

Nitterhouse manufactures large and small architectural paving slabs in a variety of colors. Whether your project calls for a pedestal set large scale slab or a small plank style paver for an outdoor plaza we can make the paver that fits your needs in the color you want. Or get really creative with our Camina paving stone which is a large format paver with grooved lines allowing the designing to select the placement of the grooves and finishes. 

Our Wind Uplift system discreetly and safely secures pavers to a rooftop and meets strict testing requirements. Any of our pavers can be incorporated with our Wind Uplift system. 



Porch made with pavers.