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Ernest Maier sells the following Nitterhouse Masonry Products:

Quality construction products almost always call for quality concrete masonry units. At Nitterhouse Masonry Products, we’re your source for CMU in Bladensburg, Maryland. We partner with dealers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region to deliver the best in concrete products to individuals, contractors, architects and others, and Ernest Maier, Inc. in Bladensburg is one of our go-to dealers.

We manufacture a wide variety of CMU types, which means you can nearly always find the CMU look and feel that you need for your next construction project. When you need concrete block that helps you achieve outstanding results, trust Ernest Maier, Inc. in Bladensburg as your supplier of Nitterhouse Masonry Products.

Find The Perfect Architectural Masonry

Each construction is unique, which is why no generic concrete masonry block will do. At Ernest Maier, Inc. we offer:

  • Ground Face Finish: Find concrete masonry units that are manufactured with intense care and attention to detail, a process that results in uniform blocks.
  • Legacy Stone: Our Legacy Stone is available in many different varieties, including textured, chiseled face, linear and terrazzo. Find the look and feel that your project demands.
  • Elite CMU: This type of masonry block features filled and polished units that are ideal for premium interiors and exteriors in commercial projects.
  • Split Face Finish: Achieve depth and dimension in your project when you select this quality, durable masonry unit that offers a textured relief appearance.
  • Antique Finish: A shot blast finish gives this concrete masonry unit an appearance that shows the beauty of the aggregate from which the blocks are made.
  • Recycled CMU: These concrete masonry units are manufactured using 30 percent recycled material. Choose between ground and split face finishes.
  • Monarch Traditional: When you want something other than clay brick, these concrete masonry units deliver that alternate appearance.

At Nitterhouse Masonry Products, we’re fully committed to seeing your project reach its best conclusion. That’s why we put so much effort and attention to detail into the manufacturing process — because we know that quality building components are vital to a quality finished product. Find the best CMU in Bladensburg, Maryland when you choose Ernest Maier, Inc.

Learn more about our high-quality concrete masonry units.

Discover Quality Through Nitterhouse

Since 1923, the Nitterhouse family has been manufacturing concrete units. For nearly 100 years now, our family-owned and family-operated company has focused on serving customers throughout Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic region with concrete products that meet the highest standards of quality. When you need Maryland concrete block options that you can trust, we’re proud to offer ground face block, split face block, recycled CMU and other products through Ernest Maier, Inc.

Your work and your own company’s reputation are too important to trust to just any supplier. Make sure you’re getting premium CMU in Bladensburg, Maryland when you choose to use Nitterhouse Masonry Products from Ernest Maier, Inc.

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