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Legacy Stone – Chiseled Face

Nitterhouse’s Unique Chiseled Face finish resembles the natural look of cut limestone.

Chiseled Face Legacy Stone is often used as accent bands to break up large spans of one monochrome block.

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Chiseled Face Legacy Stone Basics

A chiseled face Legacy Stone finish can give life and character to a building. If you’re looking for a stone appearance but in a veneer block style for your project, the chiseled face legacy stone, which looks like naturally cut limestone, may be perfect for you. These stone-looking concrete blocks are not only used to create a banded look to break up a very uniform building appearance, but they also give the building a much older and more historic feel.

This chiseled stone block from Nitterhouse meets ASTM-C129 standards for non-load-bearing concrete masonry units and is four inches thick. We make each stone concrete block to be durable — with 8500 psi and less than five percent absorption.

Chiseled Face Legacy Stone Uses

Some buildings are meant to look modern or new-age while others favor a more classic look. If you are building a museum, a courthouse, a town hall, a library or other buildings where you want to convey a sense of age and wisdom, chiseled face Legacy Stone could be just what you need. It looks great in both the interior and the exterior of your building and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you need chiseled face Legacy Stone for sills or chamfers, let us know. And see above for the great range of colors we can offer this stone in, with custom colors possible upon request.

Nitterhouse Masonry Products stands ready to provide all the chiseled face Legacy Stone or other masonry blocks you may need. With over 90 years in the concrete trade, you can be sure that our five-generation family-owned business can meet all your concrete needs. Our commitment to quality products and great customer service is second to none.

To find out how you can get all the chiseled face Legacy Stone you need for your project, to learn more about our architectural products, or to order, contact us by filling out the form below to let us know a little bit about you and your project. One of our masonry specialists will be in touch right away to provide all the information you require.

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