Chiseled Face Blocks – Legacy Stone

Are you an architect or designer attempting to give your building project a more natural or historical appearance? Are you a property owner who wants to achieve the perfect visual presentation while using a material that will meet your requirements for longevity and durability? The Legacy Collection from Nitterhouse Masonry Products can provide the ideal solution. Legacy stone blocks give you the look of naturally cut limestone to convey a sense of age and wisdom in a structure. You can use these concrete blocks to create a banded presentation that breaks up the uniformity of the design for a much older look and feel. Using our chiseled stone blocks will add character to your finished product.

The Ultimate Blend of a Linear and Chiseled Face Concrete Block Finish

The Legacy Collection consists of beautifully scored lines between two distinct finishes. The material’s ground face finish produces a smooth appearance, while shot blast finish creates a rougher look. You have the option to alter the bandwidth of each to meet your project’s specifications. The result is an attractive, stone-like product that’s perfect for adding texture to the building and breaking up large spans of color. As a result, you’ll have maximum flexibility to develop a structure that meets a wide variety of style preferences using only one product.

Legacy Stone Block Specifications

Our Legacy chiseled face product features a thickness of four inches and is also extremely durable. Each concrete block meets the stringent ASTM-C129 standard for non-loadbearing walls, as well as the ATSM-C90 specs for loadbearing walls. However, we do not recommend using it for non-loadbearing construction purposes.

The 8,500 psi capability and a moisture absorption rate of less than five percent add to the toughness and longevity of the material. Other relevant product specs include a compressive strength of ASTM C67- 8,000 psi, a density of ASTM- C140- 150 lbs pcf and a freeze-thaw durability of under three percent through 50 cycles. These architectural units are suitable for at-grade installation.

Choose From a Variety of Size and Color Options

Far from being a “one-size-fits-all” building material, our chiseled face concrete block material in an assortment of shapes, sizes and colors to meet any project’s requirements. You’ll be able to create the desired look for your structure without having to make substantial alterations or modifications to your original design.

Available sizes and shapes range from 3-5/8” x 3-5/8” x 23-5/8” to 3-5/8” x 11-5/8” x 11-5/8”, but if you need a different size, just let us know. Finished ends, scores and chamfers are also available upon request. You can even select from 20 colors, and we can create custom colors if needed.

Exploring the Many Uses of Legacy Stone Blocks

The combination of the limestone-like appearance, flexible size, color options and superior strength of our chiseled face concrete block products enable you to use them for a wide variety of building projects. They’re perfect for government and municipal buildings where the goal is to create a stately, distinguished presentation. The material also works well in the design of office buildings that need to project a confident look. Even retail establishments can use the material to generate an inviting visual presentation that attracts the attention of passersby and draws shoppers inside.

Because of its weathered appearance, our chiseled stone block products also appeal to anyone who wants to establish a classic or historical look. It’s a top choice for museums, historical building renovation projects, town libraries, college campus buildings and quaint shopping centers in downtown areas. Even a homeowner who is designing their dream house can use it to make the property the “shining star” of the neighborhood!

Our Legacy stone block isn’t just for exterior use either. You can also incorporate it into the interior design of a structure to introduce an element of style and drama.

Legacy Stone Block Installation Tips

To maximize the performance and durability of our chiseled face concrete blocks, incorporate them into your building design plans and install them in accordance with accepted masonry flashing practices. Cut the units with motor-driven masonry saws, and immediately remove excess mortar from the masonry. Set the units in a full bed of mortar using the required amount of control joints as specified by the project’s architect/engineer. Install weep holes and vents at appropriate intervals to ensure proper ventilation. Cover the walls daily after installation to keep them dry and free of moisture.

You’ll Appreciate the Easy Maintenace of Legacy Stone Block

One of the challenges that most facility owners face these days is finding ways to control operating and maintenance expenses. If you’re a building owner or property manager, you’ll love how simple it is to take care of your chiseled stone block structure. In fact, if installed correctly, the material is virtually maintenance-free. This quality will help to lower your long-term operating costs and allow you to allocate your labor force and cleaning crews more efficiently.

Nitterhouse Masonry Products: Experience You Can Trust

No one in the Mid-Atlantic region knows concrete better than the pros at Nitterhouse Masonry Products. As a fifth-generation, family-owned masonry products manufacturer, NMP has an enduring legacy of quality and innovation. Our concrete blocks are the product of more than 90 years of masonry experience and expertise, ensuring the long-lasting results you demand and deserve. And with our commitment to delivering top-notch customers service, you can always count on NMP to assist you every step of the way.

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