Kichler Landscape Lighting

Nitterhouse carries a wide variety of Kichler Landscape lights.  Whether you need up-lighting to illuminate a tree or lights to give a pathway a glow, we will help you find the perfect way to light your patio or landscaping that you will enjoy for many evenings to come.


Product Information

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We stock the following styles but can gladly special order if you see another style you like!

Pathway Light: 15871  Color: TZT (Textured Tannery Bronze)

Accent Light: 35 Degree 16004 Color: AZT (Textured Architectural Bronze)

Accent Light: 60 Degree 16005 Color: AZT (Textured Architectural Bronze)

18″ Stem: 15657 Color: AZT (Textured Architectural Bronze)

Elbows 90 Degree: 15647 Color: AZT (Textured Architectural Bronze)

Transformer 15pr100ss

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