Architectural Blocks

Split Face Finish – CMU

Nitterhouse’s Split Face CMU has a textured relief look that provides depth and dimension to each individual block while still have superior quality and durability.


Product Sizes

  • Available in Various Sizes *See .pdf for list of sizes
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Product Information

Our Split Face finish comes in wide variety of colors and depending upon quantities ordered can produce custom colors.

*More colors and samples available upon request. 

Project Inspiration

  • Closed Bottom Bond Beam

  • Bullnose Stretcher

  • Open Bottom Bond Beam

  • Quion Corner Unit

  • Solid Quion Corner Unit

  • Split Fluted L Corner

  • Split Fluted Stretcher

  • Split Face L Corner

  • Stretcher

  • Stretcher with Score

  • Split Wide Stretcher

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