Legacy Stone- Textured

Nitterhouse’s Legacy stone is an attractive veneer CMU with the natural beauty of aggregates showing throughout the unit.


Textured Legacy Stone Basics

Textured Legacy Stone from Nitterhouse is a shot blasted finish veneer block that is four inches thick and gives you a more vintage, rustic look than you might get from a standard polished concrete block. This textured stone block is ideal for a variety of masonry applications, meets ASTM-C129 standard for non-load-bearing concrete masonry units and is made with 8500 psi and lower than five percent absorption. The textured veneer finish can give your structure a one-of-a-kind look that really allows it to stand out.

Textured Legacy Stone Uses

Textured Legacy Stone is a great type of veneer block if you are trying to create a classic, stylish structure with a unique and dramatic look. You can use textured Legacy Stone to create banding stripes and the textured finish creates a level of dimension that other non-load bearing products do not offer.

Textured Legacy Stone is suitable for both indoor and exterior applications, both at grade and below. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and we can provide Legacy Stone for sills and chamfers. See above for the wide variety of color choices available — and if you don’t see one that looks right for your purposes, get in touch and ask us!

If you think textured Legacy Stone may be right for you, the place to order it is Nitterhouse Masonry Products. We are a family-owned company whose experience in the world of concrete products dates back nearly 100 years. In all that time, we have always believed in the highest-quality and most advanced technology when it comes to our concrete products, as well as offering the utmost in customer service for our customers. Five generations of the Nitterhouse family have worked to bring the best possible concrete products to you today.

For more information about textured Legacy Stone and to find out if it is the right concrete masonry unit for your building project, or to order textured Legacy Stone, get in touch with us by filling out the form below with some basic information about you and your project. Contact us to speak to one of our masonry specialists now!

Product Information

We offer the Legacy Stone in two different finishes: textured (rough shot finish) and terrazzo (smooth polished finish).

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