Legacy Stone- Textured

Concrete Block Veneer

Are you looking to add an appealing finishing touch to the design of your building project? Nitterhouse Masonry Products can provide a stylish concrete block veneer that’s the ideal solution. Our Legacy stone veneer is a high-quality material featuring a distinctive textured surface. Nitterhouse’s Legacy stone is an attractive veneer CMU with the natural beauty of aggregates showing throughout the unit.

Textured Legacy Stone Basics

Textured Legacy Stone from Nitterhouse is a shot blasted finish veneer block that is four inches thick and gives you a more exposed face finish, the natural look of the aggregates shows through more than you might get from a standard polished concrete block. This textured stone block is ideal for a variety of masonry applications, meets the ASTM-C129 standard for non-load-bearing concrete masonry units and is made with 8500 psi and lower than five percent absorption. The textured veneer finish can give your structure a one-of-a-kind look that really allows it to stand out.

Additional product specifications include an absorption rate of less than four percent at ASTM C140 and a density of 150 lbs pcf. The freeze/thaw durability is less than three percent at 50 cycles. Finish options include a beautiful shot-blasted textured appearance as well as a ground face finish called terrazzo for a smoother, sleeker look.

Textured Legacy Stone Uses

Textured Legacy Stone is an excellent type of veneer block if you are trying to develop a classic, stylish structure with a unique and dramatic look. You can use textured Legacy Stone to create banding stripes and the textured finish for a level of dimension that other non-load bearing products do not offer. You can also adjust the width of the stripes to create the ideal look for your project.

Use Our Stone Block Finish for the Inside and Outside of Your Building

When most people think of concrete block veneer, they typically associate it with the outside of a structure. However, the flexibility of this versatile building material expands your opportunities and offers virtually unlimited possibilities. Textured Legacy Stone is suitable for both indoor and exterior applications, both at grade and below. No matter how or where you use it, you’ll be able to create a memorable design that will allow you to achieve the ideal visual presentation while also helping you meet your structural requirements.

Select the Ideal Shape and Size for Your Stone Block Finish

NMP offers a vast array of choices for our textured CMU material. It comes in a variety of shapes, and we can provide Legacy Stone for sills and chamfers. Available sizes range from 3-5/8” x 3-5/8” x 23-5/8” to 3-5/8” x 11-5/8” x 11-5/8”. If you have a project that requires an irregular-sized concrete block veneer, please let us know, as additional sizes are available upon request.

Find the Right Color Match for Your Legacy Stone Veneer

Here at NMP, we recognize the importance of choosing the best color for your building — the wrong selection can detract from the appearance of the structure and lead to an extremely dissatisfied client. That’s why we offer our textured CMU in 20 distinct shades. You’ll have no trouble finding one that will make your project stand out. See above for the wide variety of color choices available — and if you don’t see one that looks right for your purposes, get in touch and ask us!

Our Concrete Block Veneer Eliminates Maintenace Hassles

Maintenance and upkeep are vital factors when choosing any building material. You need to know how much time and effort it will take to retain the appearance and maximize longevity. Our stone block finish is virtually maintenance-free, which reduces your labor requirements and lowers your long-term ownership costs. If you’re a property owner, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that concrete block veneer will not create additional unwanted expenses.

Textured CMU Installation Tips

For the best results when using concrete block veneer in your building projects, install the blocks in accordance with all accepted masonry practices. Cut the units with a motor-driven masonry saw, and place them in a full bed of mortar. Remove excess mortar from the masonry as soon as possible. Install weep holes and vents at the appropriate locations to ensure proper ventilation. Cover exposed walls at the end of each day of construction to keep moisture out.

Find out More About Our Legacy Stone Veneer Product

If you think textured Legacy Stone may be right for you, the place to order it is Nitterhouse Masonry Products. We are a family-owned company whose experience in the world of concrete products dates back nearly 100 years. In all that time, we have always believed in the highest-quality and most advanced technology when it comes to our concrete products, as well as offering the utmost in customer service for our customers. Five generations of the Nitterhouse family have worked to bring the best possible concrete products to you today.

For more information about textured Legacy Stone and to find out if it is the right concrete masonry unit for your building project, or to order textured Legacy Stone, get in touch with us by filling out the form below with some general information about you and your project. Contact us to speak to one of our masonry specialists now! We’ll also be happy to provide a no-obligation quote.


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