Legacy Stone- Terrazzo

Legacy stone is an attractive veneer CMU with the natural beauty of aggregates.  This gives each unit a natural appeal.


Legacy Stone Terrazzo Basics

Our Legacy Stone non-load bearing concrete masonry units come with a number of textured stone veneer options to help these durable, reliable veneer blocks stand out so you can create a distinctive look for your building projects. Our terrazzo finished stone block concrete masonry unit is a ground face veneer CMU that creates a natural look in a variety of colors by allowing the natural aggregates to shine through.

As with all of our Legacy Stone products, these Terrazzo-finished stones come from superior 8500 psi material with under five percent absorption. These non-load-bearing concrete masonry units meet ASTM-C129 requirements.

Legacy Stone Terrazzo Uses

You can use our Terrazzo-finish Legacy Stone for a number of your building applications, such as creating banding stripes, making sills and chamfers and other interior or exterior applications. College dormitories, libraries and other buildings that can benefit from a dramatic yet natural look will benefit greatly from these terrazzo-finished stones. This stone is customizable with a wide range of shapes, sizes and different colors so you can create just the right look for your building.

Nitterhouse Masonry is the perfect company to call when you need an architectural block of any kind — especially Terrazzo ground face finish. Nitterhouse is a family-owned business that has been filling concrete orders for five generations. Concrete is our life and we know it well. We also know that when it comes to concrete masonry units, you need a product that looks great and that you can trust. That is all we provide at Nitterhouse Masonry.

We would love to talk with you more about your concrete masonry unit needs. To talk about Legacy Stone and our various finishes — including Terrazzo finish — and your size, shape and color options, or to place an order now, all you have to do is fill out the simple form below and submit it electronically. We’ll put one of our masonry specialists on the job and before long you’ll have everything you need to create a beautiful building with quality concrete masonry units. We’re ready to get started right now, so please contact us today!

Product Information

We offer the Legacy Stone in two different finishes: textured and terrazzo. Both come in numerous color options.

We also produce a unique chiseled face legacy veneer stone.

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