Paver Pedestals

Provides elevation for positive drainage.

Enables pedestrian access to roof or deck.

Protects waterproofing assembly from weather and UV light.

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Pedestal Installation & Specifications

Pedestals Needed: You will need approximately the same number of pedestals as paving stones. When there are obstacles, such as columns or equipment, the paving stones may need to be cut and fitted. If so, this will increase number of pedestals required.

Shim Plates: When a dead-level paving surface is desired the use of shim plates may be necessary. Typically 10 shim plates are needed for every 100 pedestals. Uneven deck surfaces will increase the number of pedestals and shims required.

Installation: Use one-half pedestals at the exterior edge of the deck and one-quarter pedestals at corners and at partial-angled paving stone locations. Pedestal pavers are to be laid level; sides are to be parallel; courses to be straight. Spaces between the pavers to be 1/8″-1/4″. When installing pedestals, spacer tabs should be installed as part of the paver installation at the job site. Spacers should be placed between each paver to maintain an even 1/8″ joint to allow water to drain below surface. Spacers should not be visible when installation is completed. Pedestal pavers are to be laid with even bearing and fully supported. The roof surface shall be non-compressible and designed to carry the loads that the ballast pavers will apply when fully loaded according to the design. Place pedestals with projecting spacing tabs facing upwards to ensure uniform joint spacing. Place paving stones tightly against spacing tabs to ensure even spacing. Set paving stones by lowering them horizontally, rather than nosing them into position to eliminate any possible indentation of the insulation on the protected membrane roofing system. Align and shim as required as work progresses. When multiple-stacking of pedestals is required, place the leveling plates on the top pedestal; never in-between or below the pedestals.

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