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Recycled Block (CMU)

What is recycled CMU block? A recycled concrete masonry unit is a type of architectural block featuring a high thermal mass and a modular design. A recycled CMU block can be produced with different finishes and faces, which creates an architectural effect that ensures that no two blocks are exactly alike.

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  • Available in various sizes. *see .pdf for list of sizes
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Product Information

Nitterhouse Masonry Products, a leading provider of commercial architectural block products, offers a wide selection of recycled CMU blocks called eco-SMART that will add value to your construction projects.

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Recycled Block Benefits

Our eco-SMART blocks provide an acoustically quiet building option that is perfect for offices and other environments where soundproofing is desirable. The thermal mass of the walls offers excellent protection against the temperature fluctuations that are prevalent in our northeastern climate.

Our commercial architectural blocks also absorb moisture, which increases the comfort of the structure’s interior and reduces mold growth. What’s more, these blocks’ superior fire-resistant properties increase building and occupant safety.

As a builder or mason, you will appreciate the architectural recycled CMU blocks’ modular design that simplifies the construction process and minimizes waste. You’ll be able to complete your projects with greater speed and efficiency.

What Makes eco-SMART Blocks Unique?

Our eco-SMART blocks are manufactured with 30% recycled material, making them one of the most environmentally friendly building products on the market. They help to create a cleaner, healthier environment by reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

You also have the flexibility to increase the percentage of the natural sustainable material or add to the color of any regular CMU block. Our integral color system provides a permanent finish that never needs painting, which minimizes the need for maintenance.

The recycled content of eco-SMART block can help you earn LEED points for your sustainable building projects. You can receive LEED credits for durability, mold resistance, finishes that do not require painting and impact-resistant finishes. Points are awarded when materials are sourced within a 500-mile radius of our Chambersburg, PA facility.

Product Information

Nitterhouse’s “Eco-Smart” architectural CMU’s are manufactured with 30% recycled material.

They are produced in our standard Ground face and Split face finishes.

The percentage of recycled material used can be increased if desired or added to any color of our regular CMU block.

All blocks meet or exceed ASTM C-90 Specifications.

Why Choose Nitterhouse Masonry?

Nitterhouse Masonry Products is a fifth-generation family-owned and operated company with a solid reputation for offering quality masonry products backed by attentive customer service. Our team of experienced professionals can provide expert guidance in helping you select the best materials for your construction projects. Contact us to learn more about the many architectural recycled CMU block benefits today.

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