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Nitterhouse Masonry Products – Calvert County, MD

Charles Weber Co. sells the following Nitterhouse Masonry Products:

Charles F. Weber Company, Inc., is your one-stop headquarters for masonry products in Prince Frederick and all of Calvert County, Maryland. Our broad selection includes high-quality Allan Block concrete retaining wall block systems from Nitterhouse Masonry Products, a leading manufacturer of bricks and concrete masonry materials for nearly a century.

About Allan Block Retaining Walls

Allan Block retaining walls are complete wall block systems featuring an innovative mortarless technology. Instead of relying on mortars or footers to bond the blocks, they’re designed to lock together quickly and easily. This speeds up the construction process and enables maximum flexibility when creating your wall system.

Nitterhouse Masonry produces numerous Allan Block retaining wall systems for our Prince Frederick masonry supply company, including:

AB Collection

The most popular of all the Allan Block retaining walls, the AB Collection features a timeless, classic design that will enhance the beauty of a raised garden or larger landscape. Choose from a wide range of gorgeous color options such as White Oak, Birch, Emerson and Rustic.

AB Europa Collection

The Europa Collection provides a weathered appearance that will add an unmistakable touch of elegance to a residential or commercial landscape. Use the wall blocks individually or combine them to create an intricate AB Blend patterned wall sure to capture the attention of passersby.

AB Fieldstone Collection

AB Fieldstone retaining walls offer an environmentally sound alternative that works well for green building and landscaping projects. Each block is made with locally recycled materials in the back and is cast to replicate the look and feel of natural stone. The lightweight two-piece design makes the blocks easy to handle and streamlines the retaining wall construction process.

AB Aztec Collection

The newest addition to the Allan Block retaining wall line, AB Aztec Collection features a centuries-old look inspired by the architecture of the ancient Incan Empire in South America. You can also integrate them with AB Collection and AB Europa Collection wall blocks to create a customized retaining wall system.

Visit Our Prince Frederick Location for a Closer Look

We invite you to stop in at Charles F. Weber Company, Inc., to see examples of these and other remarkable Allan Block retaining wall systems in person. We’re located at 600 Dorsey Rd. in Prince Frederick, Maryland.

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