Split Face Concrete Block

If you’re an architect seeking to create a distinctive look for your building project, split face block options deserve serious consideration. Unlike ground face blocks that provide a smooth, sleek appearance, split face finish material introduces the element of texture that can expand your project’s design possibilities. Nitterhouse Masonry Products is a leading provider of attractive, high-quality split face concrete block products that will take your design capabilities to a higher level.

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Concrete Masonry Unit — Split Face Finish

Nitterhouse Masonry Split Face CMU has a textured relief look that provides depth and dimension to each individual block while still demonstrating superior quality and durability. The split face texture typically provides a more aesthetically pleasing presentation on exterior walls than a smooth finish.

However, there’s no difference in quality between ground face and split face concrete blocks — it’s only appearance that changes. Selecting split face CMU blocks allows for the same level of performance but with far more attractiveness.

About Our Split Face Block CMU

Split face is a distinctive and great-looking option if you’re looking for something different from the typical architectural block. With split faced CMU, you get a broken rock-face appearance, a rough but clean look that is eye-catching and unique. Choosing from among various split face block colors will allow you to achieve a rugged look that complements your existing color pallet and architecture.

The rough hew of the split face rock formation also catches sunlight in a unique and dazzling way, giving your building a continually varying finish that is sure to make it memorable.

Choose the Color That Meets Your Project’s Visual Requirements

At NMP, we understand that selecting the ideal hue and shade for a building is one of the most challenging aspects when creating the design. Our split face finish comes in a wide variety of colors — choose from 20 different color and texture combinations. You can create the perfect split face block wall or similar structure by choosing the best fit from among these various color options.

Depending upon the amount you order, we may be able to offer split face block colors customized to your specifications. Feel free to submit your color samples, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Find Split Face Blocks in an Assortment of Shapes and Sizes

In addition to color, split face concrete blocks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so we are sure to have what you need. Typical standard finish dimensions are 7 5/8” x 15 5/8”, while nominal bed depth sizes include 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″ and 12″. These various split face CMU block sizes will allow you to customize the ideal solution for your project. If you require a size not listed here, please let us know, and we’ll work with you to develop custom dimensions for your blocks.

Use Our Split Face Products as Load Bearing Blocks

These split face blocks also meet the ASTM-C90 standard specification for load-bearing concrete masonry units and can be used at grade and below grade. If you use our split face concrete block in the construction of non-load-bearing walls, the blocks will comply with the ASTM-C129 standard. Furthermore, they’re fire rated for up to four hours in accordance with NCMA TEK standards.

An Excellent Choice for All Types of Building Projects

Whether you’re an architect, business owner or residential property owner, you will appreciate the design and construction flexibility offered by these revolutionary building materials. Split face blocks are suitable for construction on both interior and exterior projects, for edifices such as schools, office buildings, fire stations and any other building where reliable, durable concrete is a necessity. No matter where you choose to implement our product, the distinctive split block texture will add a memorable touch of style to your building project.

Enjoy the Advantage of Simplified Maintenance

If you’re a building owner, property manager or custodial professional who is having trouble finding enough hours in the day to keep up with maintenance tasks, you’ll surely appreciate split face concrete block construction. Assuming proper installation, our split face block wall is practically maintenance-free. As a result, you’ll be able to allocate more time, manpower and equipment resources to other areas of your property, which can lead to a significant decrease in your operational expenses.

Why Nitterhouse Masonry

When you’re looking for concrete masonry units, your choice of supplier is the first big important decision you make. Whether you’re interested in split face, ground face, polished face or some other CMU finish, if you’re not dealing with a reliable supplier, your finished project isn’t going to be as good as it can be.

Nitterhouse Masonry is the name you can trust because we’re a family owned and operated company that has been doing this for five generations. It’s all about our high-quality masonry products that meet ASTM standards and contribute to LEED certification, products that are built to last. Over the course of more than 90 years in business, we’ve developed a reputation for designing and crafting the best masonry materials on the market. Companies throughout the Mid-Atlantic region rely on us for split face blocks and other superior concrete products.

It’s also about our commitment to customer service that will have you placing every order for Nitterhouse products with confidence. We’ll be there to support you every step of the way. If you’re an architect, we can help you explore all your color, size and shape options as well as provide valuable design tips when needed. If you’re an installer, we can deliver valuable advice that will save time and ensure a smooth, seamless outcome for your project.

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Discover all the advantages that split face blocks can bring to your work. For beautiful, distinctive split face finish architectural blocks that will help your project shine, find your local NMP dealer or contact us directly. Use the form below to request details or provide us with information regarding your preferred split face block colors, sizes and shapes. You can also give us a call to discuss your project in more detail and receive a no-obligation quote on split face CMU. And if you’re having trouble deciding, we encourage you to check out the designs shown in the “Project Inspiration” section for split face block CMU styles we can manufacture.

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Project Inspiration

  • Closed Bottom Bond Beam

  • Bullnose Stretcher

  • Open Bottom Bond Beam

  • Quion Corner Unit

  • Solid Quion Corner Unit

  • Split Fluted L Corner

  • Split Fluted Stretcher

  • Split Face L Corner

  • Stretcher

  • Stretcher with Score

  • Split Wide Stretcher

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