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Split Face Finish – CMU

Nitterhouse’s Split Face CMU has a textured relief look that provides depth and dimension to each individual block while still have superior quality and durability.


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  • Available in Various Sizes *See .pdf for list of sizes
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*More colors and samples available upon request. 

Concrete Masonry Unit – Split Face Finish 

Nitterhouse Masonry Split Face CMU has a textured relief look that provides depth and dimension to each individual block while still demonstrating superior quality and durability. Our split face finish comes in wide variety of colors, and depending upon the amount you order, we may be able to offer split face block colors customized to your specifications.

In addition to color, split face concrete blocks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so we are certain to have what you need. These split face blocks also meet ASTM-C90 standard specification for load-bearing concrete masonry units and can be used at grade and below grade.

In addition, split face blocks are suitable for construction on both interior and exterior projects, for edifices such as schools, office buildings, fire stations and any other building where reliable, durable concrete is a necessity.

About Our Split Face Block CMU 

Split face block is a distinctive and great-looking option if you’re looking for something different from the typical architectural block. With split faced CMU, you get a broken rock-face appearance, a rough but clean look that is eye-catching and unique. The rough hew of the split face rock formation also catches sunlight in a unique and dazzling way, giving your building a constantly varying finish that is sure to make it memorable.

Why Nitterhouse Masonry

When you’re looking for concrete masonry units, your choice of supplier is the first big important decision you make. Whether you’re interested in split face, ground face, polished face or some other CMU finish, if you’re not dealing with a reliable supplier, your finished project isn’t going to be as good as it can be.

Nitterhouse Masonry is the name you can trust because we’re a family owned and operated company that has been doing this for five generations. It’s all about our high-quality masonry products that meet ASTM standards and contribute to LEED certification, products that are built to last.

It’s also about our commitment to customer service that will have you placing every order for Nitterhouse products with confidence. For beautiful, distinctive split face finish architectural blocks that will help your project shine, find your local dealer or contact us directly.

Project Inspiration

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  • Stretcher with Score

  • Split Wide Stretcher

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