There’s no rush quite like accomplishing a home project you’ve set your mind to.

From the first, faintest tug of an idea to shopping for materials, acquiring tools, sketching a look and constructing a beginning design, you put more than time, sweat and money into your yard. You put yourself.

When it comes to the world of backyard hardscaping ideas, we hope this guide has inspired and informed on the numerous ways to begin your backyard beautification.

Big or small, landscaping facelifts to new, complete constructions of outdoor living additions, the benefits of hardscaping go beyond aesthetic appeal. These projects boost the look, feel and value of your home. They are diverse and decorative, customizable and classic. And they are more than always primed for success with the right planning, foresight and industry hardscaping tricks — plus a guide that helps you get there. 

The reach of your imagination and the detailing of your design eye are the only limits of what you can do with a hardscaping project — now, and for years to come. 

About Nitterhouse Masonry Products: Premium Masonry in the Mid-Atlantic and Beyond

Nitterhouse Masonry Products has been your partner in hardscaping projects for over five generations. 

We speak masonry. From architectural block and paver stones to a range of hardscaping and precast products, we make and manufacture the materials at the heart of a beautiful backyard.    

Yet we also know behind every residential landscaping project is a real person, looking for real, actionable ways to enhance the place they call home. With dealerships and project partnerships running throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia and beyond, we want your backyard hardscapes to be everything they can be.

Find a dealer or service provider near you. Or explore our wide selection of masonry and architectural collections or installation guides. Product information and service requests are always a click away.   

Cheers to making a house a home — and the yard your favorite place within it.