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Ciminelli’s Ecoasis Garden Center sells the following Nitterhouse Masonry Products:

Choose from numerous styles and sizes to meet any hardscaping application. Color selections include White Oak, Earthen Blend, Birch Blend, Emerson Blend, Limestone, Rustic Blend and Sandstone.

  • Allan Block Fence Systems – The AB Fence System is a mortar-free two-sided fence that provides the utmost privacy and security, while also offering exceptional soundproofing properties. AB Fence Systems are available in five different sizes, with color options that include Earthen Blend and Limestone Blend. Pre-engineered concrete blocks make fence installation a breeze.

Free Pits

There’s nothing like a backyard fire pit for relaxing with family or entertaining your friends. manufactures a variety of circular fire pit rings in several sizes that will make hanging outside even more enjoyable, while also adding a noticeable decorative flavor. In addition, we offer square fire pit rings that work well for campsites or hunting cabins. All fire pits include metal liners that keep smoke, ash and soot from staining the ring’s concrete blocks.


Ciminelli’s can also meet all your paver and paving stone needs. Our pavers are the preferred choice of architects, builders, contractors and landscapers looking for the ideal combination of form and function for their construction projects. Examples of paver product selections include:

  • Architectural pavers – Durable, high-strength architectural pavers from NMP will bring breathtaking beauty to every project — they’re designed to mimic natural stone in every detail. We offer six different sizes and 20 colors of architectural pavers, along with multiple installation methods for maximum design flexibility.
  • Slate pavers – If you’re a fan of the smooth, sleek appearance of genuine slate, then you’ll love the selection of slate paver products from Nitterhouse Masonry. These machine-pressed paving stones look and feel just like real slate, but they feature the superior strength of concrete. Choose from sizes and an assortment of eye-catching colors including Canyon Red, Sierra Tan, Mountain (Green) and Appalachian (Gray).
  • VIP pavers – VIP pavers (for visually impaired pedestrians) are suited for facilities/locations that must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. They feature a raised truncated dome surface that alerts walkers to changes in the path for increased safety. Typical applications include drop-offs, curbs and other areas that present potential hazards.


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If you’re in Bowie, stop by Ciminelli’s Ecoasis Garden Center to see all the NMP products and meet their friendly, helpful staff. You can also contact Nitterhouse Masonry Products directly for more information.

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