Retaining Walls

Forix Block

The newest addition to our retaining wall line! Forix is a concrete precast modular block, the face is 18″ high x 48″ wide and depth comes in 3′ and 6′ options.  The Forix block are large in size yet economical in weight and efficiently engineered.

Product Sizes

  • 18" x 48" x 3'
  • 18"x 48" x 6'

Product Literature

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Product Information

  • Triangular geometry of rear legs create an arching effect with stone backfill resulting in downward pressure on block units
  • Less fright weight & manufacturing costs compared to solid precast concrete wall units
  • Free draining with stone infill
  • Can be designed & constructed taller than conventional gravity height walls using geogrid reinforcement
  • Automatic vertical alignment control by means of lugs on bottom of units
  • Constructible with or without cap unit

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