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Hardscaping vs. Softscaping

The two most basic components of any landscape are the hardscape and the softscape. Softscape refers to all the living elements of the design, such as trees, grass, shrubs and flowers. These are the plants, and will likely fall under the care of a gardener or lawn care expert.

No landscape would be complete without these items, but they also don’t comprise a landscape all by themselves. If all you have are plants, you have a beautiful yard. To take a yard and truly elevate it to the level of a landscape, you’ll need a little hardscaping.

Hardscaping is a term that covers all the non-living elements of a landscape. This includes things like stone steps, garden benches, fire pits, fountains and much more. By blending these various elements tastefully in and around the softscaping, you’ll create a beautiful and polished landscape.

Why Incorporate Hardscape?

Of course, for the thrifty business owner or homeowner, you might be asking yourself why it’s necessary to incorporate hardscaping at all. Sure, maybe your yard won’t be as fancy as some other yards you’ve seen, but if you have a pretty tree and a few shrubs, isn’t that enough?

Here are just a few reasons we believe it’s important to take your greenery to the next level through additional hardscape products.

1. Visual Appeal

If you’re a business owner, it should come as no surprise curb appeal should be one of your biggest goals when it comes to landscaping. You want to create an outdoor space that looks beautiful, interesting and inviting. While plants are a big part of this, they’re only half the ingredients. The other half is hardscaping items. These can make the difference between a property that looks like every other business out there, and a property that seems to say, “Come visit me!”

And if you’re a homeowner, it becomes a matter of personal taste. This is your space, where you can feel free to deck your yard out however you like. Do you love fountains? You’re free to get one installed. Have you always dreamed of creating a little bridge over your backyard creek? No one is stopping you. Let yourself explore and express yourself through your landscape. Create a gorgeous space you’ll never get tired of looking at.

2. Minimal Maintenance

Because most of the items you’ll be incorporating into your hardscaping are stone, concrete and other durable materials, you’ll find there’s not a lot of maintenance involved with them. In most cases, when you install a concrete hardscaping product into your garden or outdoor space, it’s there to stay. It takes a lot to damage these pieces, meaning that in most cases, you won’t even have to worry about maintenance or upkeep.

This means that you can think of them as an investment. Long after your shrubs have withered and died off, your hardscape block wall will still be standing strong. When you purchase these hardscaping items, then, you’re buying something that will last for years to come.

3. Off-Season Beauty

When autumn and winter come, the flowers fade and the leaves fall. All too often, this can leave your outdoor space looking a little sparse. Hardscaping is a great way to maintain year-round interest in your yard. A stone wall won’t disappear in the winter, and a beautiful walkway will be just as beautiful no matter what season it is.

4. Prevent Erosion

In some locations, the rainy season can be devastating to the ground beneath our feet. Heavy rains and flooding can easily wash the soil away, slowly eroding your yard and leaving you with patchy, uneven spaces as well as huge dips and divots. While preventing this entirely can be difficult, it is certainly possible to take steps to lessen the damage.

By adding a little hardscape into your design, you can work toward ending erosion on your property. Retaining walls, paths and more all can do wonders to keep the soil where it belongs.

5. Additional Functionality

While there’s nothing wrong with a wide-open lawn, hardscaping can often make a space much more usable. Benches, for example, provide people with places to sit. Walkways, walls and bridges make safe paths for people to walk on, even during the night. Putting down pavers to create courtyards can create natural gathering areas that allow people to relax and engage with one another in the outdoors without having to walk through the bumpy and uneven lawn to do so.

Concrete Hardscaping Products to Add to Your Outdoor Space

If you’re thinking of adding a little hardscaping to your property, now is a great time to get started. The first thing to do is to sketch out a basic layout of your planned landscaping. You’ll want to decide what elements you want to include, as well as where you want to put them.

While there is a whole world of hardscaping items to choose from, here are just a few of the hardscaping elements we think would make a perfect addition to any garden or outdoor space.

1. London Stone Steps

These beautiful steps are perfect for creating a small set of stairs up to the door or even up the side of a hill. London Stone Steps are typically long and narrow, with an elegantly smooth finish on top. Above all, these steps offer a natural look.

Choose to install a set of two steps, or a set featuring as many as five steps. You’ll also have options when it comes to color, as you can choose from charcoal, tan or oak to suit your preference. No matter where you decide you’d like these stairs installed, they’ll instantly add an extra touch of class and elegance.

2. Belgard Celtik Wall

Belgard Celtik Walls have an immediately distinct feel, transporting you back in time to an old-world garden with their rustic appearance. The stones in this wall are mottled in color, achieving a natural stone veneer that doesn’t look manufactured or artificial. Additionally, the sides of these stones are intentionally rough to allow for a more traditional feeling, instead of one that looks like it came directly from a factory.

Choose from multiple color options with these walls, from the Bella palette that features reddish, brown and gray colors to the Sable palette that plays with different shades of gray. Whichever color selection you choose, the end result is a rustic-looking wall that harkens back to times long gone.

3. Kichler Landscape Lighting

No landscape is complete without a little extra lighting. Not only can this add beauty and elegance to your garden, but it also creates a safer space, allowing people to linger outside after dark in safety. Additional lights also have the benefit of protecting your home or business from burglars who might want to take advantage of the dark.

Kichler Landscape Lighting comes in a variety of forms, from tiny pathway lights planted into the ground itself along a pathway, to more traditional lights that mount on the side of a building and everything in between. Choose from a wide range of styles, not just regarding placement and function, but also regarding appearance. Pathway lights tend to come in more decorative shapes, while wall-mounted lights might look more functional. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to elevate both your landscape’s safety and usability levels.

4. Lawn and Garden Benches

Lawn and garden benches serve the dual purpose of providing a place to sit and enjoy the fresh air, while adding an extra splash of beauty to your garden or yard.

Benches come in gray or exposed brown and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, from curved to straight and decorative to plain. We even offer benches with or without backs, or even in the form of picnic tables. For seating arrangements in your landscape, these benches are the way to go.

5. Steps and Caps

Steps are fairly self-explanatory and familiar to most of us. Caps, on the other hand, are a little lesser-known. These are the concrete coverings that finish off the top of a garden wall or a post. They’re chiseled to achieve a natural stone finish, and they help make any garden wall look just a little bit more polished. Both our steps and caps come in a wide range of different colors for your convenience.

6. Village Garden Wall

Looking to enclose a pool area, or create a boundary between a garden and the rest of the yard? Or, maybe you’re just looking to build an attractive wall alone a pathway. Village Garden Walls might be just what you’re looking for.

These garden walls come in sandstone, charcoal and earthen colors, and are durable and long-lasting. Not only do they look great, but they also can withstand the test of time, serving you for years to come.

7. Planter Pots and Urns

These small pieces might not be the showstoppers of your garden, but they’re fabulous accessories that can help bring a little extra bit of charm. Planter pots and urns come in an enormous variety of colors, sizes and shapes, and you can easily tuck them into a corner by a bench, or place them prominently on a stone wall or your porch.

8. Fire Pit

The fire pit is the unequivocal king of any outdoor space, elevating it from a simple backyard to a luxury recreational space. With a fire pit, you can host dinner parties, work events or even just hangouts with friends.

As with many hardscaping products, you’ll find a great deal of variation among available colors, shapes and sizes. Choose from square designs to circle designs, tan stones of gray and so much more as you find the fire pit that’s just right for your back patio.

9. Edging Stone

Edging stone is great for lining flower beds, walkways or even major sections of your lawn. Not only do they look amazing and make your space look a little bit more sophisticated, but they also help contain weeds and grass, preventing them from trying to grow through pavers or walkways.

Choose from a variety of interlocking styles, as well as different color options for the right edging stones for your landscape.

10. Terrace Stone

Similar to edging stones, terrace stones are larger and are better suited to building low walls. These walls might be purely decorative, they might be to line a pathway or they might even be to sit on. These stones fit together neatly and from the front, appear to create almost a checked pattern, as the stones taper in the front.

Terrace stones are also easy to handle, as each stone only weighs about 30 pounds. Their relatively light weight makes them great choices for small-scale projects where you aren’t interested in contracting a landscaping company.

11. Allan Block Fence System

For higher walls intended to divide property or perhaps block out unpleasant views, Allan Block Fence Systems are just the thing you need. These are mortarless two-sided fences that come in either reddish earthen tone or gray limestone color. Need a barrier of any kind? This is the wall for you.

12. Allan Block Courtyard

These blocks come in a range of styles and shapes that all fit together to create a finished courtyard for your residential or commercial space. Incorporate pavers, walls, posts, wall and post caps and more to create a courtyard that’s all your own. Because these pieces come separately and you can assemble them in any way you like, you can be sure you’re the only one with a courtyard exactly like this. This makes your Allan Block Courtyard truly unique.

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